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Asia's factories signal more pain as China recovery falters

01. June 2023

SINGAPORE: Asia’s factories saw further easing in demand in May as China's faltering recovery weighed on a region already smarting from a global trade downturn. Les mer >>>

Computer sales forecast to expand by 7.9% this year

01. June 2023

Thailand's personal computer (PC) market should grow by 7.9% this year, based on demand from companies eager to transform their business, according to an analyst at IT research firm IDC Thailand. Les mer >>>

TAT forecasts tourism revenue of B3tn in 2024

01. June 2023

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) remains confident the industry can garner revenue of 3 trillion baht next year, matching the level of 2019. Les mer >>>

Rubber deal set to boost Thai firms in global market

01. June 2023

The Finance Ministry, in collaboration with the Thai Chamber of Commerce and the Rubber Authority of Thailand, has signed a letter of intent for the Capital Flow in Rubber Industrial Estate project to boost the international competitiveness of entrepreneurs in the rubber supply chain. Les mer >>>

Stark provides update as share trade resumes

01. June 2023

Stark Corporation (STARK) has reassured the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and its shareholders management is ready to take any necessary action to protect the interests of shareholders in managing risks associated with the company's potentially improper transactions. Les mer >>>

MPI plunges by 8% in April

01. June 2023

Thailand's Manufacturing Production Index (MPI) is expected to be tepid this year, with growth of 0-1% because of a combination of business obstacles domestically and overseas, as the April reading was the lowest in 34 months. Les mer >>>

Survey suggests power bills should be coalition's priority

31. May 2023

Most entrepreneurs want the new government to follow through on its pledge to reduce power bills, referred to in a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed by the Move Forward Party and seven other political parties, according to the latest survey by the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI). Les mer >>>