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Ministry to 'transform' oil prices

26. February 2024

The state's previous policy to fix the domestic prices of all types of oil will be brought back into use again to help people better avoid daily oil price fluctuations, according to Energy Minister Pirapan Salirathavibhaga's recent interview with a television programme. Les mer >>>

Dip in deposits for 2023

26. February 2024

The value of deposits under the supervision of the Deposit Protection Agency (DPA) in 2023 fell by 0.5% year-on-year, the first decline in a decade, attributed to the top and the bottom-tier deposit segments, said DPA president Songpol Chevapanyaroj. Les mer >>>

Indonesia sees 2025 growth at 5.3%-5.6%, boosts rice imports

26. February 2024

JAKARTA: Indonesia sees its annual gross domestic product growth for 2025 in a range of 5.3% to 5.6% and is aiming for a fiscal deficit of 2.48% to 2.8% of GDP, its planning minister said on Monday. Les mer >>>

Ministry provides warning on revenue

26. February 2024

Government revenue collection in fiscal 2024 may not exceed the target, unlike last year, says Deputy Finance Minister Krisada Chinavicharana. Les mer >>>

Who's pulling the economic strings?

26. February 2024

The political soap opera in Thailand is expected to revive after former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra was released on parole, returning to his Ban Chan Song La residence in Bangkok, his de facto command base for years during his tenure as premier. Les mer >>>

Tourism, trade MoUs to bolster Kazakh ties

26. February 2024

The government is confident that tourism and trade between Thailand and Kazakhstan will improve after the two governments sign three memoranda of understanding (MoUs) in April, said Deputy Foreign Minister Jakkapong Sangmanee on Sunday. Les mer >>>

Getting the most from a multi-generational workforce

25. February 2024

It only takes a quick look around the office to see that the workforces of Thailand-based organisations are more diverse than ever. There is a never-before-seen mix of generations collaborating and combining worldviews to create value. But how much are we really doing to help them succeed, and how much is left to chance? Les mer >>>