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  • Thailand road carnage: Four dead after pick-up hits motorcycles
    Thailand road carnage: Four dead after pick-up hits motorcycles
    Images: Banmuang
    Four people were reported killed at the scene of a collision between an Isuzu pick up and two Honda motorcycles on a bend in the Petchkasem Highway in Bang Saphan district of Prachuap Khiri Khan. 
    The accident occurred at "Takhian bend" between kilometer markers 397 and 398 on the Bangkok bound side of the highway. 
    The driver of the pick-up lost control and hit a family on a Honda Wave and a man on a CBR that were all driving on the left. The pick-up then careened into a tree dragging at least one of the bikes with it. 
    A 62 year old local man was dead at the wheel of the pick-up. All three people on the Wave were killed. They were a 35 year old man, a 47 year old woman and a nine year old boy. The woman and boy had the same surname. 
    A 65 year old man on the CBR was not seriously injured but was taken to hospital. 
    Source: Banmuang
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    31 October 31 2019
  • Civic minded German praised for keeping Thailand tidy

    Civic minded German praised for keeping Thailand tidy



    Picture: Manager Online


    Thai media called a German man a foreigner with a heart of gold after reports of his collecting trash and keeping his housing estate clean. 


    Manager went to Ban Choke Bunmee in Cha-Am, Petchaburi on hearing that the German was sweeping up, collecting leaves, cutting grass, cleaning the roads as well as sorting out the overflowing bins. 


    The 56 year old - named as "Yorch" - said that he was a restaurant owner in the fatherland before moving to Koh Samui for two years. 



    Picture: Manager Online


    He has been in Cha-Am for the last 5 months and cleans up every day when he goes out for his early morning cycle. 


    Local woman "Aunty Maew", 60, had nothing but praise for her neighbor, thanking him for keeping the area so beautiful. 


    The German commented that if everyone chipped in and did their bit that would help to keep it pleasant to live in. 


    Source: Manager Online




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    19 November 19 2019
  • Hua Hin: Preserving heritage of the old station for 3 million visitors annually

    Hua Hin: Preserving heritage of the old station for 3 million visitors annually



    Picture: Talk News Online


    Talk News Online reported that the retired station master of the iconic Hua Hin railway station has been instrumental in preserving its heritage. 


    The station has been relocated amid changes to the line. 


    A four kilometer elevated section is expected to be completed by 2021. This is part of dual track work on 421 kilometers of line between nakhon Pathom and Chumphon. 



    Picture: Talk News Online


    Prasong Komuk was stationmaster there for eight years until he retired and took up a role as advisor on sections of the new line for the state railways. 


    He has worked with the fine arts department to ensure that what he said were three million visitors annually would not be disappointed. 


    Tourists love to take pictures at the signs of the relocated station and revel in the architecture of a bygone era. 


    Source: Talk News Online


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    18 November 18 2019
  • Hua Hin: Fleeing murderer arrested on train after he stabbed work colleague near Bangkok

    Hua Hin: Fleeing murderer arrested on train after he stabbed work colleague near Bangkok



    Picture: Thai Rath


    Railway Police arrested a 19 year old Thai man at Hua Hin railway station after he stabbed a 23 year old work colleague at the weekend in Phrapradaeng south of Bangkok.


    Anuphat or "Big", 19, originally from Phrae, had had an fight with Kittichai, 23 - the pair were colleagues at a car parts company. 


    They decided to meet to sort out their differences at a drinks party. 


    Anuphat reportedly offered his apologies but the elder man did not. 


    Enraged Anuphat grabbed a ten inch knife and stabbed Kittichai twice before fleeing on a motorcycle to a property 500 meters away. 


    He then boarded the BTS and went to Hua Lampong railway station where he boarded a train south to where his father was working at a rubber plantation in Surat Thani. 


    He got only as far as Hua Hin before he was arrested and taken back to Bangkok to reenact his crime. 


    Source: Thai Rath




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    18 November 18 2019
  • Prachuap: Monkeys at the justice ministry force evacuation

    Prachuap: Monkeys at the justice ministry force evacuation


    5pm copy.jpg

    Thai caption: Monkeys invade an office


    A large group of macaque monkeys invaded the offices of the justice ministry in Prachuap Khiri Khan on Wednesday. 


    They gained entry to the offices on the second floor at the old town hall by sneaking in through an old wooden roof. 


    Pictures on the Ban Muang site showed a scene of disarray with documents and personal items strewn all over the place. 


    Staff have been forced to evacuate to alternative premises while the problem is dealt with. 


    Source: Ban Muang



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    Picture: Ban Muang
    15 November 15 2019
  • New tourist routes open in Phetchaburi, Prachuap Khiri Khan

    New tourist routes open in Phetchaburi, Prachuap Khiri Khan

    By The Nation




    The Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (Dasta) in collaboration with the private sector and local agencies has launched four tourism routes in Phetchaburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan with the aim of generating income and improving quality of life at the community level.



    Suthep Kuasang


    Dasta’s Deputy Director, Suthep Kuasang said that four tourism routes were suitable for the disabled, pregnant women and the elderly.


    “In addition to distributing tourist revenue, we want to encourage local people to develop their infrastructure to welcome tourists in a sustainable way,” he said, adding that 5-10 per cent of the revenue would go towards establishing a fund in each community for scholarships and to help the elderly.




    “We want to diversify tourism by encouraging tourists to visit different communities as the statistics show that 60 per cent of them still visit the same attractions time and time again,” he added.




    Phetchaburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan are well-known to tourists worldwide for their beaches and national parks. Both provinces also offer eco-tourism, historical tourism, agriculture tourism and recreation tourism spots, as well as tourist attractions under the Royal Projects.


    Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30378234



    -- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2019-11-11
    11 November 11 2019
  • Hua Hin: New airport terminal, more flights, treble air passengers in massive tourism expansion

    Hua Hin: New airport terminal, more flights, treble air passengers in massive tourism expansion



    Picture: 77kaoded


    Plans are underway to transform sleepy Hua Hin into a busy international and domestic tourism hub. 


    The transport ministry has approved ideas to build a new airport terminal, more than double the number of planes that can land, extend the runway, and treble the number of passengers the airport can handle. 


    The moves come after a local politician presented tourism and economic stimulus requests to the governor of Prajuab Khiri Khan province. 



    Picture: 77kaoded


    These requests included upgrading the airport into a fully international facility.


    It could see Hua Hin move in the direction of becoming the hub of the much vaunted "Thai Riviera". 


    Yesterday the Deputy Transport Minister Athirat Rattanaset came to the city that lies about 220 kms south of Bangkok on the Gulf of Thailand coast. 


    He was met by everybody who is anybody in the city including the Hua Hin district chief, the provincial head of police, municipal leaders, the airport director and local politicians driving change. 


    The minister outlined the current capacity of the airport and plans that are being made by the Department of Airports to upgrade the facility between next year and expected completion in 2022. 


    Right now the runway is 2,100 meters long - this will be extended by 45 meters. 



    Picture: 77kaoded


    The parking area for planes will be dramatically expanded from its present 160m x 80m area. At present two B 737s can park - when the improvements are done it will have the capacity to park five B 737s at any one time. 


    A new terminal will be built. The present structure can handle only 300 passenger an hour - this will be trebled to 900 passengers per hour. 


    The deputy minister said that if the plans become a reality the airport will be able to handle many more flights and develop into both a major domestic and international tourism facility. 



    Picture: 77kaoded


    The visit comes after a former Palang Pracharat party candidate presented proposals to the governor of Prajuab Khiri Khan to stimulate tourism and the economy in the province. Center to this was designating Hua Hin airport as a fully international one. 


    At present there is just one flight a day, four times a week between Hua Hin and Malaysia. 


    Thaivisa notes that the moves are likely to be part of measures to develop the whole area from Hua Hin south to Chumphon as the "Thai Riviera" - an alternative to more established tourist areas like Phuket in the south and Pattaya on the Eastern Seaboard. 


    Source: 77kaoded


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    12 November 12 2019
  • Hua Hin: Female staffer victim of early morning necklace snatch

    Hua Hin: Female staffer victim of early morning necklace snatch 



    Picture: Talk News Online


    A 25 year old female employee was robbed of her one baht weight gold necklace as she opened the back gate to get into her place of work yesterday morning. 


    A man dressed in green and black on a Honda Scoopy grabbed her jewelry that is worth just over 20,000 baht causing her to fall over. 


    He raced off and she didn't get the license plate number.


    The incident happened at 6.30 am at the back entrance to Hua Hin Cable TV Co. Ltd near the railway tracks in the downtown area. 


    Police are investigating. 


    Source: Talk News Online


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    13 November 13 2019
  • Real estate firm surveys Hua Hin property market

    Real estate firm surveys Hua Hin property market

    By The Nation




    Condos make up the highest demand in real estate purchases, Plus Property announced on Monday, citing its recent survey of the Hua Hin-Cha Am market, which saw 11,700 units up for sale in the first six months of 2019, with a 76-per-cent take up.


    The Hua Hin zone near the sea is the most popular, with 70 per cent of the units offered selling fast, aided by the recent reduction transfer fees and easing in access to mortgages. Condos priced under Bt3 million are the most popular.


    New condos coming on the market were given as 1,000-2,000 per year representing 50 per cent of the supply in Cha-am though sales were higher in Hua Hin. The latter city boasts 3 zones of condominium development – the beach zone, the sea zone and the mountain zone, with the sea zone proving the most popular as prices are not as high as the beach area but the blocks are closer to the sea than those in the mountain zone.


    Of the 5,200 units available in Hua Hin, 3,700 are units in the zone near the sea and are in condo projects that still have units left for sale, They also have the highest selling rate at 81 per cent and an average selling price of approximately Bt88,000 per square metre, almost 30-per-cent lower than the average selling price in the beach zone where condos cost Bt120,000 per square meter.


    Four new projects have been developed over the past 2 years, 3 of them in the center of Hua Hin and on Petchkasem Road, which is very convenient for residents as it is within walking distance to the beach, shopping centres, hospitals and also cheaper than the beach zone.


    The recent reduction in the transfer fees and housing loan measures of the Government Housing Bank have made condominiums costing no more than Bt3 million the most viable buys.


    Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30377807




    -- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2019-10-28
    28 October 28 2019
  • Nong Hieng School Win Inaugural Sansara Cup

    Nong Hieng School Win Inaugural Sansara Cup




    The first ever Sansara Cup took place at the Hua Hin International School on Friday morning. Wang Bost and Nong Hieng joined the hosts for a 6 a side round robin tournament.

    After six matches Nong Hieng were declared champions, winning all their matches. Hua Hin International School finished as runners up and Wang Bost came third.

    The three schools are all located in close proximity to one another in the Black Mountain region but this was the first time they had all entered a tournament. The event was sponsored by Sansara and General Manager Hans Van Steertegem was on hand to present the trophies.

    He was delighted to see the local schools come together to play in a football tournament for the first time ever.

    “It was wonderful to see these children from completely different backgrounds all enjoying the sport of football and I thought the tournament had a great atmosphere. At Sansara we are committed to supporting local community projects like this and we are proud to have sponsored this fantastic initiative.”

    Also in attendance was former England and Tottenham defender Gary Stevens. He was recently appointed head coach at the Black Mountain Hua Hin Football Academy and was impressed by the standard of football on display.

    “We are all really grateful to Sansara to sponsoring this competition. They also sponsor ten players from Wang Bost and Nong Hieng School to train at the Black Mountain Hua Hin Football Academy and some of those players really shone at this tournament which was great to see.”


    For full results and table visit: www.huahinfootball.com


    For more information about Sansara visit: www.sansara.asia

    9 November 09 2019