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  • Ferry sank in Samui, Panang waters, tourists rescued, Thailand
    Ferry T SANDEEMANETHUP was caught in rough weather at night Dec 21 while en route [...]

    Ferry T SANDEEMANETHUP was caught in rough weather at night Dec 21 while en route from Surat Thani to Koh Tao island (Samui, Panang, Ko islands group), and sank some 5.5 nm off Koh Tao, at some 30 meters depth. All 102 people on board, including foreign and Thai tourists, were rescued, and attended to by Koh Tao residents. Wreck should be removed, said authorities. Rough seas and high waves were brought by strong northern wind, most dangerous for small vessels in southwest waters of Gulf of Siam, along the coasts of southern provinces.
    Passenger cargo ship T SANDEEMANETHUP, MMSI 567001729, GT 115, flag Thailand.

    22 December 22 2023
  • Thailand transport industry doubts Land Bridge Project, but maybe on false premise
    Private sector points out that Land Bridge does not meet the needs of shipping lines [...]

    Private sector points out that Land Bridge does not meet the needs of shipping lines and Thai trade, causing additional costs.
    08 Dec. 2023
    The National Shipping Council of Thailand (STN) in collaboration with the College of Logistics and Supply Chain Sripatum University organized the 176th SPU Supply Chain Roundtable, a discussion under the topic “Opening the challenge of the big project of the year “Land Bridge”.
    Assoc.Prof.Dr.Sompong Sirisoponsin, Logistics and Supply Chain Management Program, Chulalongkorn University, presented the results of the study.
    Feasibility of connecting sea transport routes in the Gulf of Thailand. and Andaman of Thailand is studied by Chulalongkorn University Under the Office of the National Economic and Social Development Council (NESDB), which compares 4 development approaches:

    1. Development of production and trade areas along the Gulf of Thailand coast and Andaman under the plan for sustainable development of the Southern Economic Corridor (SEC) without construction of transportation links between the two coasts.
    2. Development of a new land economic bridge (Landbridge).
    3. Kra canal project.
    4. Development of a land economic bridge along the GMS Southern Economic Corridor – a road route linking transportation between Kanchanaburi and the Tanintharyi District of Myanmar with the Andaman Sea through Dawei Port.

    The conclusion from the study found that Option 2 or the Landbridge project was ranked 3rd with a score of 19.3% because when evaluating the demand for goods (Demand Side) from the shipping patterns in the Malacca Strait, it has been found that the target group that may come to use the Land Bridge project will include only container ships.
    In this regard, there are suggestions that
    1. Development of infrastructure to support foreign goods that will be transshipped through the project “Not worth investing both economically and financially”
    2. The Business Model should be adjusted by reducing the size of the project to only one goal: support Thai production and trade Under the development of the Southern Economic Corridor (SEC), which will result in reducing the size of infrastructure.

    Mr. Piset Ritthaphirom, president of the Bangkok Ship Owners and Agents Association, said that most of the container ships used on the project’s target routes are between 7,500-25,000 TEU with lengths between 300 and 400 meters. There is only one transport route. Between Asia with the destination is India-Middle East-Europe Only large ships may come to use the Landbridge service. However, using the Landbridge by large ships will involve additional costs, time, and the use of more ships. This will directly affect the cost of transporting goods.
    It is estimated that the ship’s travel time savings will be 2-5 days, according to Land Bridge project consultants of the Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning. It won’t cover substantial additional handling and transportation costs, while keeping in mind doubts, whether seamless operations of the Land Bridge project can actually be achieved.

    Study found that the volume of containers transported by large ships will cause problems in managing container yards in both ports. As a result, the ship may dock and take approximately 7-10 days for loading and unloading on each side for lifting all containers ashore. and lift the container onto the boat for return transportation. This will require the shipping line to add additional ships, comparing to number of ships required by Malacca Strait route.
    It will lead also, to serious increase in road traffic between ports, with predictable negative consequences.

    Frankly, I was kind of surprised after I’ve read this material – it didn’t even come to my mind, that the Land Bridge Project might be anything else except the support of industrial development along both coasts, and ensuring the safety of nation’s logistics chains.
    I don’t understand this infatuation with becoming Malacca Strait rival. Why don’t transport industry leaders and scholars take into consideration most obvious and decisive factor of volumes of the Asia-Europe cargo traffic via Malacca, with global economy submerging into a recess, and probably, full-scale crisis? It just can’t be otherwise, considering the unfolding madness called “fighting climate change”. Trade volumes are decreasing worldwide, and they will keep decreasing until nations stop the maniacs.
    What did COP28 President Al Jaber say recently? He said it loud and clear: “Please help me, show me the roadmap for a phase-out of fossil fuel that will allow for sustainable socioeconomic development, unless you want to take the world back into caves.”, adding that the whole “man-made climate change theory” is unscientific.
    So instead of rivaling a shadow of its’ former glory, Malacca Strait Route, Thailand should, I believe brace its’ transportation for hard times of world economy crisis, inspired by UN/WEF/COP “green agenda”.
    Voytenko Mikhail
    December 10 2023

    10 December 10 2023
  • “Ice” drug bust, 2 tons bound for Australia and Philippines
    Thailand Police raided rug SRIMONGKHOLSAP at Bang Pakong port, near Bangkok, on Dec 4, seizing [...]

    Thailand Police raided rug SRIMONGKHOLSAP at Bang Pakong port, near Bangkok, on Dec 4, seizing more than 2 tons of “ice” (crystal methamphetamine) drug, destined for Philippines – Australia. 13 people were arrested, all Thais, believed to be part of international smuggling ring. Some of suspects tried to escape and jumped into water, but they’ve been caught, the plan was for tug to sail into international waters and wait for seagoing commercial ships to pick up “ice” packed in 90 cartoon boxes.
    Tug SRIMONGKHOLSAP, IMO 6821860, GT 163, built 1968, flag Thailand.

    5 December 05 2023
  • Thailand cruise terminals projects: timing not good
    There is no doubt, that Thailand is capable of constructing new cruise terminals of mega [...]

    There is no doubt, that Thailand is capable of constructing new cruise terminals of mega proportions, fitted with state-of-the art technologies. But there’s one serious doubt of those terminals viability. We live in turbulent times of deepening worldwide economy recession and political instability, with wars springing up in different regions of the world. Global consumer spending is on the decline, everywhere. Thailand economy is already suffering from decreasing export volumes to the US and EU, and worst is yet to come. Thailand industries and population are suffering from energy prices going off charts, as of recent. Same can be said about all the countries which were and are the main drivers of cruise tourism, such as US, Canada, EU, Australia, NZ. “Wait and see” is probably, the best option, for the time being.
    Nov 6 2023

    Cruise ship terminal to be built in Pattaya for 7.4bn baht
    June 29, 2023
    The Marine Department will this year seek Cabinet approval to build Thailand’s first cruise ship terminal in Pattaya.
    The Marine Department will oversee development of the terminal, which will meet growing demand from cruise operators, a senior official said on Thursday.
    Wannachai Butrthongdee, director of the department’s Engineering Division, said the cruise ship terminal will be built under a public-private partnership (PPP) project worth 7.4 billion baht.
    The private contract winner will be handed a 30-year concession to operate the Pattaya cruise port, which will be built off the popular Bali Hai Pier.
    The pier currently serves tourists taking boats to the popular island of Koh Lan just off Pattaya.
    The number of cruise ship passengers this year is estimated at 31.5 million worldwide and is expected to grow to 36 million next year.
    Wannachai added that Asia remains the most popular destination for cruises, with Thailand the third most popular Asian destination among cruise ships.
    A Marine Department survey has identified a 1-kilometre site around Bali Hai Pier with potential to be developed into a modern cruise ship terminal. The new terminal will have capacity for two large cruise ships to dock at the same time.
    Wannachai said that Thailand receives about 500 cruise ships each year, but the lack of a special terminal means passengers must take small boats to travel ashore.
    He said the department also sees potential to build cruise ship terminals in Koh Samui, Surat Thani, and Krabi.
    Currently, cruise ships can dock at Bangkok Port and Laem Chabang Port, but both are commercial shipping ports and thus lack facilities for passengers.
    Wannachai said the department would submit its Pattaya terminal proposal to the Transport Ministry, State Enterprise Policy Office, and Cabinet this year.
    After cabinet approval, the department will draft a PPP contract next year and call for bids in 2025. Construction is due to begin in 2026 and be completed in 2029.
    Cruise ship terminal to be built in Pattaya for 7.4bn baht
    The budget of 7.412 billion will be divided into 5.934 billion baht for construction and 1.478 billion for operation and maintenance costs.
    Wannachai said the government will invest 5.534 billion to expropriate the land and construct docking facilities, a passenger building, docking bridge and car park.
    The private bid winner will invest 1.877 billion baht for operation and maintenance, including installing power and water supplies and purchasing equipment to operate the terminal.
    The investment yield rate will be 20% with investment recouped within an estimated 10 years.
    The project is already drawing interest from firms in Hong Kong and Singapore that specialise in marine and tourism operations, Wannachai said.
    The terminal’s double docking fronts, each stretching 420 metres, will allow simultaneous docking by large cruise ships.
    The passenger building will have capacity for 1,500 home port passengers per hour or 3,500 port-of-call passengers per hour, Wannachai said.
    The Nation

    Related news:

    Thailand plans to build 3 major cruise terminals
    August 12, 2022
    The Marine Department on Aug 12 announced the results of preliminary study on feasibility of constructing cruise ships terminals at Koh Samui, Surat Thani Province, Gulf of Thailand; at Laem Pong Bay, Krabi Province, Andaman sea coast; and at Bali Hai Pier, Pattaya City, Gulf of Thailand.
    Laem Hin Kom was found to be the most suitable place at Koh Samui island, for the construction of cruise terminal, estimated cost is 6,449 mil baht.
    At Krabi Province, Laem Pong was selected as the best option, with construction cost of 3,700 mil baht. Terminal pier or piers will be able to dock ships with capacity not exceeding 1,500 passengers; anchorage area will allow to anchor cruise ships with capacity of 3,500 – 4,000 passengers.
    Well-known Bali Hai Pier, downtown Pattaya, will be transformed into a cruise terminal including berthing piers for cruise ships with capacity not exceeding 1,500 passengers; and anchorage area for cruise ships with capacity of 3,500 – 4,000 passengers. Construction cost is estimated at 3,482 mil baht.
    Total cost of all three projects is 13,361 mil baht.

    Thailand Maritime News, 2022 May – August Summary

    6 November 06 2023
  • August – November 2023 Thailand Shipping News Summary
    Export demand projected to be resilient 2 Nov 2023 Thai-made vehicles await shipment at Laem [...]

    Export demand projected to be resilient
    2 Nov 2023
    Thai-made vehicles await shipment at Laem Chabang port in Chon Buri. The Federation of Thai Industries forecasts a decline in pickup exports if the Middle East dispute cannot be settled through negotiations. (Photo: Patipat Janthong)
    Automobiles and auto parts, electronics and agricultural products will drive Thai exports in the final quarter of this year, though shipments overall will remain sluggish for 2023, says the Federation of Thai Industires (FTI).
    Demand for these products in the global market is expected to keep increasing, supporting Thai exports that slowed for many months this year.
    “Exports will contribute to Thai economic growth over the last two months this year,” said Kriengkrai Thiennukul, chairman of the FTI, after a meeting of the Joint Standing Committee on Commerce, Industry and Banking on Wednesday.
    The committee downgraded its export projection for the year to a contraction of 1-2%, slightly lower than a contraction of 0.5-2%.
    Following several months of declines, the country’s exports increased for a second straight month in September, gaining 2.1% year-on-year to US$25.5 billion, while imports fell by 8.3% to $23.4 billion, resulting in a trade surplus of $2.09 billion, the Commerce Ministry reported last week.
    The uptick in September exports was driven by agricultural and agro-industrial products, with exports of durian and mangosteen to China posting significant growth, as did rice exports to South Africa and Indonesia.
    Industrial exports continue to expand, aligned with trends such as solar cells and mobile phones, according to the ministry.
    However, the conflict in the Middle East has car manufacturers who export to the region concerned. This area is a key market for the Thai automotive industry.
    Automotive products make up 10% of total Thai exports, said the FTI.
    Exports of pickups are popular in the Middle East and could decline if the dispute cannot be settled through negotiations, the FTI’s Automotive Industry Club said earlier.
    Mr Kriengkrai said he is worried global crude oil prices could soar to $140-150 per barrel if the war is prolonged and becomes more severe.
    “The FTI hopes crude oil prices will stay under $100 a barrel,” he said.
    Mr Kriengkrai urged the government to launch new measures to improve the Thai economy in the first half of next year, especially during the Songkran festival.
    He said the government also needs to better manage the energy price structure in the long term by reducing the power tariff to 2.3-2.7 baht per kilowatt-hour (unit), down from 3.99 baht per unit at present.
    The power tariff in Indonesia and Vietnam is 2.3 and 2.7 baht a unit, respectively.

    PSL bounces back to receive freight rates Lots of customers renew contracts
    October 19, 2023
    Stock Dimension – PSL freight rates recover Supporting the budget to recover at the end of the curve while the customer renews the long-term boat rental contract for another 7 ships
    PSL LH Securities stated that the trend of the Bulk Freight Index (BDI) increased significantly from China’s 3Q23 GDP numbers that were better than expected and the protracted Israeli-Palestinian war. Supporting increased demand for use of bulk ships to transport commodities. It is expected to help support the second half of the year’s profits to grow better than the first half. Viewed as a time for speculative buying. Give a target price of 11.90 baht
    Renewal of contract for another 7 boats
    Phillip Securities stated that Q3/66 was normal. It will be high season. But this year’s freight rates were the weakest of the year, with the BSI and BHSI indexes on average falling 8% and 14%, respectively, due to global economic factors affected by inflation. Chinese economy recovers slowly PSL’s average freight rate is expected to be 10,200 USD per day per ship. Expected revenue is 1,237 million baht, profit 136 million baht, a decrease of 52%YoY and a decrease of 89%QoQ. Therefore, you must follow the Q4/66 budget because of the BSI and BHSI indexes. During the month of October, the average growth was 36.7% and 37.2%, respectively.
    Broker hits target 11.90 baht
    Recently, PSL has extended the contract for 7 ships with customers, including Barnee Nari, Issara Nari, Sunisa Nari, Chayani Nari, and Sarocha Nari. The period has been extended for another 12 -15 months with Intergis Co. ., Ltd., South Korea, and two more ships, the Lanna Nari and the Latika Nari, extended the period for another 10 -14 months with Dampskibsselskabet Norden A/S, Denmark.

    PSL เด้งรับค่าระวางเรือ ลูกค้าต่อสัญญาเพียบ

    Hutchison Port’s new Puffer port handles 50 million TEU containers, accelerating development of Terminal D
    Sep 22
    Mr. Stephen Archworth, Managing Director, Hutchison Ports, Thailand and Southeast Asia Revealed that the company has completed the operation of loading 40 million TEU of containers, which is considered a record for the volume of containers passing through the latest port (September 2023), with a new goal of loading 50 million TEU of containers.

    ฮัทชิสันพอร์ทปักเป้าใหม่ขนตู้สินค้าผ่านท่าที่ 50 ล้านทีอียู เร่งพัฒนา Terminal D

    Liquid dreams: Thailand’s Pilatus Marine charts global growth with 1.05 billion baht vessel acquisition
    Aug 28
    Pilatus Marine, a SET-listed company and Thailand’s leading liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) transport operator, is set to acquire three large used liquid-carrying vessels for a total cost of 1.05 billion baht. This move is aimed at expanding their services overseas.
    Operating in both marine and land transport of LPG, Pilatus Marine also leases vessels to other companies. The incoming ships, each having a charter time of 15 years, are set to boost the company’s gross profit margin. According to Pilatus Marine Chief Executive Varawit Chimtawan, the gross profit margin is predicted to surge to about 20-25%.
    Each of the vessels, priced at 350 million baht, is set to be shipped to the company between 2023 and 2025. The first vessel is due to be delivered to Pilatus next month. These ships are intended to serve customers engaged in marine transport on international routes.
    Pilatus Marine currently operates 19 vessels, with capacities ranging between 600 to 900 tonnes. Most of these are leased domestically under contracts of affreightment (COA), which are legal agreements between a shipowner and a charterer, Varawit explains.
    “COA enables Pilatus Marine to achieve gross profit margins within 18 to 20%.”
    PTT Oil and Retail Business (OR) is Pilatus’ largest customer, with COA accounting for 60% of the total. WP Energy Plc accounts for 35% of the COA proportion, with the remaining 5% attributed to other clients in the spot market.
    Pilatus Marine is also targeting the Vietnamese market, with Varawit saying the company is planning to sign more COAs with prospective customers as the demand for LPG in the country is witnessing a rapid surge.
    “We are conducting a feasibility study of the Vietnamese market and expect the business expansion to take effect next year.”
    In the LPG transport sector, Pilatus Marine has landed a five-year contract from OR to transport LPG by trucks, revealed Thakrit Chimtawan, chief business development officer of Pilatus Marine. The service is slated to commence on December 1 of this year, reported Bangkok Post.
    To enhance its service to OR, Pilatus Marine plans to add 43 new trucks to its existing fleet of 39 vehicles. The company anticipates a revenue growth of 7.6% to reach 850 million baht this year, up from 790 million last year, driven by the expected surge in demand for its services due to increased tourism.

    New government urged to prioritise exports
    FTI cites concerns in the business sector
    3 Aug 2023
    Thailand not only needs to quickly establish a new government but also set new policies to cope with sluggish exports after the value of shipments to Asean, the largest export market, fell by 7.4% to US$28 billion, says the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI).
    The decrease was based on shipping records between January and May.
    The business sector is worried about the situation and wants the incoming government to find new markets with strong potential to purchase Thai products, said Montri Mahaplerkpong, vice-chairman of the FTI.
    “This situation will have a significant impact on the manufacturing sector and economic growth,” he said.
    Exports to Asean account for 24% of total exports, followed by the US (10%), Europe (10%) and Japan (10%).
    “We are closely monitoring the situation because the Asean market plays a key role in supporting Thailand’s economic growth,” said Mr Montri.
    The FTI expects to see the new government established within this month. Businesses want to discuss exports and other economic issues with the new government to seek help and jointly solve the problems, he said.
    Mr Montri expressed concern after members of parliament were still unable to select a new prime minister, more than two months after the May 14 general election.
    It is still not known whether tomorrow’s parliamentary session will successfully vote for the new premier.
    The Commerce Ministry reported earlier that the value of customs-cleared exports dipped for an eighth consecutive month in May, falling by 4.6% to $24.3 billion.
    Dim economic prospects in the second half of this year caused the Joint Standing Committee on Commerce, Industry and Banking (JSCCIB) to cut its export growth forecast to -2% this year, down from -1%.
    The committee’s best-case scenario for exports is zero growth.
    The latest projection, which was announced last month, was based on the global economic slowdown and estimates for China’s growth to decrease to 5.4-5.5%, down from the previous estimate of 6%, as well as rising interest rates, according to the JSCCIB.
    The economy should not further deteriorate due to political problems, which would otherwise affect foreign investment, said Mr Montri.

    5 November 05 2023
  • What Industry Conferences are for? Net-zero sense.
    Imagine you’re from another planet and watch Earth and mankind, trying to understand what’s up [...]

    Imagine you’re from another planet and watch Earth and mankind, trying to understand what’s up down there. Imagine you’re interested in transport, logistics and sea ports as vitally important part of transportation industry. Now, what will be your understanding of Earth port industry, if you, unfortunately, visit an event like this one:
    ASEAN Ports and Shipping 2023 Conference, Bangkok.
    You’ll get an idea that the ports role on planet Earth is quite different from your planet’s ports role. The main purpose of Earth ports existence is net-zero emission. There are some other purposes, but they’re secondary and not essential, they’re disposables.

    Here are some reports presented by speakers:
    • The Path to Zero Carbon Shipping
    • Plan Port for Decarbonisation – Unleash Financial Benefits
    • Enhancing Port Operations through TIC4.0 Standards: A Path to Smart Ports
    • Sustainable Steel Solutions for Tomorrow’s Ports
    • Embracing Digital Transformation through Smart Port System (SPS
    • Port Transformation: Green and Energy Efficiency Initiatives
    • Port of Barcelona: International Benchmark in Sustainable Development Through Innovation
    • Recognising the Need for an Intelligent System With Digital Twin, Automation and AI capabilities in
    • Creating Smart Ports of the Future
    • The Zero Emission Terminal – How to Connect the Green Future
    • Imagination is More Important Than Knowledge; to Cultivate Sustainable Port Operations (?! – my remark, VM)
    • Designing New Sustainable Efficient Port Terminal Facilities by Reducing Environment Impact and Enhancing Investment Efficiency

    Those are much closer to the reality, but they’re minority:
    • Use of Composite & Steel Materials and Precast Technology in Marine Structures
    • Solutions for Power Transmission, Sensing and Safety
    • Dust Elimination Hopper for Dry Bulk Discharging

    Each and every industry conference is about the same. It’s net-zero first, all the rest (if there’s enough time left to talk about anything else) second, or just none at all. We’re saving the planet! Not exactly clear what is it we’re saving planet from, but we’re definitely saving. Will save first, and try to find out what from we saved planet, later. We’ll ruin global economy along the way, and doom to starvation, misery and death the overwhelming majority of mankind, but again, if that’s what it takes to reach net-zero, then so be it.
    That’s why I immediately dump in wastebasket all presentation/invitation shipping events letters – they’re all the same. Events and their programs are all the same. Don’t know about net-zero, but they’re definitely of zero value, zero meaning, and zero sense. Waste pure and simple.

    4 November 04 2023
  • National Shipping Line closer to reality
    Thailand’s plan to establish a national shipping company in PPP model, is gathering way, and [...]

    Thailand’s plan to establish a national shipping company in PPP model, is gathering way, and became more defined and detalised. First news on this plan emerged in 2021, quite a lot was done since then, and what was more like just the idea, than turnkey project, now develops into a realistic project with defined goals and figures.
    As recent years so painfully demonstrate, starting “pandemic”, national supply chains security and reliability aren’t something to be handed over to transnational giants, if nation wants to remain as safe from global unfolding mess, as it is possible. Any given nation, if it wants to keep its’ economy up and running, and its’ people living standards, should secure international and domestic sea trade, by the only way it is possible, by creating its’ own sufficient and effective merchant marine fleet.

    Govt to set up national shipping line
    24 Oct 2023
    The Transport Ministry is looking to establish a national shipping company in an effort to promote maritime trade.
    Deputy Transport Minister Mana­porn Charoensri said on Monday she had ordered the Port Authority of Thailand to conduct a feasibility study for the cabinet to review.
    PAT director Kriengkrai Chaisiriwongsuk, meanwhile, said the PAT has submitted the result of the study to the Transport Ministry, which will decide if the shipping company should be run as a state enterprise or under a public-private partnership model.
    The cabinet will also consider if the project should be promoted by the Thailand Board of Investment, he said.
    Mr Kriengkrai explained that the PAT ultimately wants to have both domestic and international shipping routes, but it would be focusing on eight domestic routes.
    Among the eight, three routes are not currently served by private companies, namely Map Ta Phut Port in Rayong-Laem Chabang Port in Chon Buri, Firesun Port in Samut Songkhram-Laem Chabang Port in Chon Buri and Laem Chabang Port in Chon Buri-Surat Thani Port.
    Sources said the PAT prefers to have the company run under a PPP model to enable quick and flexible administration.
    Initially, the cargo shipping company would contribute about 2% of Thailand’s export and import trade value, or about 31,005 twenty-foot equivalent standard container units (TEU).
    The national shipping line plans to start with four container ships, the sources said.

    Related news:
    Thailand set to establish national shipping line in one year
    July 1, 2021
    Ministry of Transport of Thailand has appointed a National Committee to conduct study, and work out framework, for establishing a National Shipping Line, during a special meeting on Jun 30. national tonnage accounts for just 9% of total nation’s freight, with 91% being transported by foreign ships and companies. Some 1.33 billion Baht freight costs go elsewhere but not to Thailand.
    According to plan, all the required studies and framework should be carried out in 1 year. Working group is already appointed, to prepare, soonest possible, the establishment of National Maritime Company, embracing all legal issues. Working group with Deputy Minister of Transport as Chairman, is tasked also, with working out guidelines for Company’s formation.
    Transport Policy Division of Ministry of Transport is to establish sub-committees to study: other nations’ experience in creating and running national carrier companies; foreign investments benefits and ways to attract investors; the optimal ways to operate the company, based on public and private stakeholders partnership.

    Thailand set to establish national shipping line in one year

    2 November 02 2023
  • Turbulent times require realistic approach
    After so many plans and projects and studies, new Thailand Government seems to make up [...]

    After so many plans and projects and studies, new Thailand Government seems to make up its’ mind on a project of land bridge connecting Gulf of Siam and Andaman sea, instead of Kra Canal project. This decision – whether land bridge will be constructed or not – is definitely, much more comprehensive and wise if you will, than mega project of Kra Canal. Kra Canal was to be built basing mostly or solely, on Chinese investments and Chinese companies (on all stages, from designing to construction and later, exploitation) and Chinese labor. Rounding it all up, Canal bears too many risks of all kinds, from purely economical to national safety and security ones.
    Here’s one more consideration to be taken into account – feasibility of Canal or Land Bridge, whatever, in turbulent times of apparent global economy recession; wars coming out of nowhere with no sensible explanation; growing tension in different regions of the world ripe with yet more wars; continuing and expanding “green policy”, which didn’t yet save the planet, but so far, is effectively ruining global and national economies.
    There’s no risk of Malacca Strait overcrowded with heavy traffic, in dire need of bypass ways, but there’s growing risk of worldwide crisis. If things come to worst, nations with bigger rate of economical sustainability and independence will have much better chance of surviving hard times. Land Bridge certainly, is a project which will make Thailand economy more resilient.
    October 2023

    Srettha touts land bridge project Reworked vision does not include canal
    26 Oct 2023
    During a speech delivered yesterday at an Economic Reporters Association meeting, Mr Srettha said the project between the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea will reduce the transport time by 6-9 days, as well as cut logistics costs by bypassing congestion in the Malacca Strait.
    He said this version of the project, which has been rumoured about for four decades, will not dig a canal in the Kra Isthmus of Thailand, instead connecting the two coasts with infrastructure such as an oil pipeline to support the growth of complementary industries such as petrochemical factories and gas separation plants.
    “This project would make Thailand an attractive country for investment,” he said.
    “The government will push for this project to be formed during our term.”
    Mr Srettha said the economy needs a major stimulus because over the past 10 years Thailand’s GDP grew by only 1.8% per year on average, while household debt increased from 76% of GDP to 91% at present.
    Thailand has among the highest household debt-to-GDP ratios in Asia and ranks No.10 globally.
    He said some Thai workers in Israel chose not to return to Thailand because their salaries there are higher than they can earn here. This reflects the country’s economic problems, said Mr Srettha.
    The government is trying to come up with measures to solve economic problems in the short, medium and long term, he said.
    Many multinational companies that want to relocate their production bases abroad are overlooking Thailand, not because of the proposed minimum wage hike from 400 to 600 baht, but rather the lack of infrastructure and FTAs, he said.
    Thailand’s minimum wage over the past decade increased by only 12%, from 300 to 337 baht per day, said Mr Srettha.
    He said attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) is another important component of the nation’s economic development.
    In less than two months since taking office, Mr Srettha has visited several countries and invited foreign companies to invest in Thailand, particularly 10 large Chinese conglomerates.
    On his next business mission abroad, he said he will bring along a delegation from the private sector.
    Mr Srettha emphasised investment in infrastructure is very important as he wants to see Thailand become a hub for manufacturing FDI.
    The Thai economy has expanded at a slower pace recently than the economies of Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia, said Mr Srettha.
    “However, the government is also proceeding with FTA negotiations and supporting the land bridge project.”

    Land Bridge instead of Canal
    August 2021
    Thailand Ministry of Transport still cherishes the idea as a part of Southern Economic Corridor Project. Provinces homing relevant ports and Kra Isthmus land links connecting these ports, are also enthusiastic. Chumphon Province along Gulf of Siam coast, and Ranong Province on the other side of the Isthmus, will benefit greatly from Land Bridge, if it’s materializes and lives up to cargo volumes expectations.
    Links to connect 2 ports aren’t restricted to highways and railways, understood project implies construction of pipeline, because project suggests oil transportation as well – and in big volumes.
    The Chumphon-Ranong land bridge project will serve as a link for the transport of oil from the Strait of Hormuz, more than 4,000 kilometers away from the Andaman Sea, to a port in Ranong before it is transported by land to a port in Chumphon, where it will be shipped to other countries in the region, including China, Japan and South Korea, Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob said.
    Oil, indeed, is supposed to constitute the major part of cargo volumes to flow through Land Bridge, so crude oil tankers are to become the main type of ships to call Bridge ports.

    Land Bridge instead of Canal, to bypass Malacca Strait

    Direct sea route Thailand – Bangladesh under FTA Agreement
    January 2020
    Bangladesh is Thailand’s third-largest trade partner in South Asia after India and Pakistan, with annual bilateral trade worth $1.25 billion in 2018, down 4.4% from the previous year.
    So far, Thailand is having a significant trade surplus, with exports to Bangladesh amounting to $1.2 billion and imports worth just $59.24 million.
    Thailand exports from Bangladesh cement, plastic pellets, chemical products, textiles, steel, tapioca products, air conditioners, cosmetics, and automobiles and parts; importing a small amount of garments, scientific and medical gear, fresh and frozen aquatic animals, and machinery and parts.
    Thailand’s direct investment in Bangladesh totalled $1.5 billion from 2006 to 2019, mainly in agriculture and processed agricultural industries, construction, and hotels and related services, while Bangladesh’s investment in Thailand was worth $1.12 million during the period.
    All import/export goods are transported to/from Bangkok and Laem Chabang ports, via transit ports in Malaysia, mainly Port Klang, and Singapore, delivery time being some 7-12 days.
    There is an alternative route, which excludes transit ports and transshipments, project being mulled over for quite some time. It’s a direct route between Chittagong Port and Thailand’s Port of Ranong in Andaman sea. Delivery time will be shortened to some 5 days. This project was also discussed during 5th Joint Trade Committee (JTC) meeting, and both sides agreed it has to be expedited.

    Direct sea route Thailand – Bangladesh under FTA Agreement

    31 October 31 2023
  • China – Thailand Car Carrier Services on the rise, mostly EV and HEV
    Starting last year, news on new China – Thailand Car Carrier Services emerge on a [...]

    Starting last year, news on new China – Thailand Car Carrier Services emerge on a regular basis, so by now the task of somehow systemizing them has become a challenge. What’s obvious from just watching traffic on Thai highways and in cities, is growing number of Chinese EVs. They’re a new trend, gathering popularity among middle class people mostly, if not exclusively. People in rural areas, farmers first of all, truck drivers, others deployed in economy and infrastructure activities, not surprisingly, stick to good old ICE cars, of Japanese brands and Thailand making, long proven high-quality, reliable and economically feasible vehicles. When will the EV trend run out and restrict itself to big cities only, is a question of near future, considering electricity cost, which starting Spring this year, hit the roof, with yet no signs of going down. Plus of course, a whole bunch of other problems EVs burden their owners with. And yes, risks too.

    Here’s a compilation of Car Carrier Services news starting Dec last year:

    New car carrier line to connect China and Thailand. Probably.
    Mikhail VoytenkoThailand December 18, 2022
    Chinese media announced official opening of new regular ro-ro route, set to connect China and Thailand. New line was launched with departure of China Merchants’ car carrier CHANG DA LONG from Ningbo on Dec 16, with more than 1,200 China-made cars on board, destined for Laem Chabang, Thailand. Two monthly trips are presently, on schedule, to be carried out by 2000-cars class DALONG car carrier.
    Actually, according to track and port of destination, CHANG DA LONG is sailing to Nansha with ETA Dec 19. Then there is the question of practicality of the project, unless each car carrier trip back to China is to be with full load of Thailand-made Japanese Brand cars, of very good quality – Japan was importing Thailand-made cars after Fukushima disaster. Who is to buy Chinese cars in a country which produces all top Japanese car brands, is anyone’s guess, unless Chinese cars are to be sold at much lower prices.

    BYD Makes a Big Impact in Thailand with Arrival of 10,000 Atto3 Electric Cars
    January 22, 2023
    BYD, a Chinese automaker known for its electric vehicles, is set to make a big splash in Thailand with the arrival of its latest model, the BYD atto3. The car has already been delivered to the Thai market, with BYD Rever Automotive, the authorized BYD dealership in Thailand, delivering a total of 5,044 cars by the end of December 2022.
    Of these, 1502 cars were delivered in November 2022, and 3,542 cars were delivered in December 2022. However, this is just the beginning, as a new shipment of the 10,000th BYD atto3s has just arrived at a Chinese port and is now on its way to Thailand.
    According to BYD Rever Automotive, the company plans to deliver all 10,000 cars within February 2023. This is a significant milestone for BYD and for the Thai market, as it demonstrates the growing demand for electric vehicles in the country.
    The BYD atto3 is a compact electric vehicle that offers a range of up to 305 miles or 491 km on a single charge, making it a perfect choice for city commuters and those looking for an environmentally friendly mode of transportation.
    The BYD ATTO 3 comes in two models, based on the battery capacity of the BYD Blade Battery (LFP):
    BYD ATTO 3 Extend range (480 kilometers) at a price of 38,000 US dollars (1,199,900 Thai baht)
    BYD ATTO 3 Standard range (410 kilometers) at a price of 35,000 US dollars (1,099,900 Thai baht)
    With its sleek design, advanced technology, and impressive range, the BYD atto3 is sure to make a big impact in the Thai market. The arrival of the 10,000th car is a clear indication of this trend and the future of electric vehicles in Thailand.
    Source : BYD Rever Thailand

    BYD Makes a Big Impact in Thailand with Arrival of 10,000 Atto3 Electric Cars

    Photo BYD RÊVER Thailand: https://web.facebook.com/BYDReverThailandOfficial/?_rdc=1&_rdr

    GAC AION announces first export of complete vehicles
    Monika From Gasgoo| August 21 , 2023
    Shanghai (Gasgoo)- On August 21, a fleet of 100 AION Y Plus vehicles stood poised for departure at the Nansha Port in Guangzhou, ready to sail towards Thailand’s Laem Chabang Port. This marks the debut of GAC AION’s inaugural shipment of complete vehicles to overseas markets, a significant milestone in its global expansion journey.

    Guangzhou Port adds new stop in Thailand to meet demand for Chinese cars
    2023-10-12 09:27By: China Daily
    At an automobile terminal of the Guangzhou Port in Nansha, Guangdong province, a vessel loaded with 2,291 units of automobiles was fully prepared to embark on the upgraded China-Thailand-Persian Gulf route on Thursday.
    To serve Chinese automakers entering the Thai market, the existing China-Persian Gulf line has been optimized and upgraded to include a stop in Thailand, forming a monthly China-Thailand-Persian Gulf route.
    Facing the continuous growth of demand for Chinese automobiles in Southeast Asia, the new route will provide a secure, efficient, and stable supply chain guarantee for Chinese automobile exports, helping Chinese companies to expand overseas and achieve greater development in key markets.
    These latest exports reflect a strong handling capacity in automobile exports and imports at the Guangzhou Port over the past few months, according to the port authority.
    Guangzhou Port, one of the largest ports in terms of automobile handling capacity, exported 258,000 units of automobiles from January to September, with a year-on-year increase of 56 percent, according to the local port authority.
    Major automobile shipping companies have established international trade routes at the Guangzhou Port, which has core advantages in automobile roll-on/roll-off transportation, to meet the export needs of many domestic and foreign automobile companies, the port authority added.
    In 2017, the annual throughput of rolled-on/rolled-off automobiles at the port exceeded one million units and settled at a scale of 1.5 million units from 2020 to 2022.
    As one of the first designated ports for automobile imports in China, Guangzhou Port has built several berths and terminals since 2004, forming a large roll-on/roll-off operation pattern for handling automobiles.
    The port is a gateway for automobiles serving the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. It has 12 roll-on/roll-off berths and 2 million square meters of automobile storage yards. The port has an annual handling capacity of over 3 million units and a one-time storage capacity of over 80,000 units.
    Source: China Daily

    Cosco Shipping Car Carriers has added a new upgraded monthly service connecting China, Thailand and the Persian Gulf region.
    Katherine Si | Oct 10, 2023
    “Considering the growing demands of China-made automobile from Southeast Asia, Cosco Shipping Car Carriers and Cosco Shipping Specialized Carriers have jointly conduct market research in Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore to further develop the ASEAN market,” according to Cosco Shipping Car Carriers.
    During the first five months, China exported 69,100 units of automobile to Thailand, posting a substantial growth rate of 140%. Launching of the newly upgraded service will provide a solid support for automobile transportation in the ASEAN area.

    30 October 30 2023
  • Crude oil spill, Koh Sichang, Thailand
    Some 60-80 tons of Arab Light Crude leaked from faulty pipe into Koh Sichang – [...]

    Some 60-80 tons of Arab Light Crude leaked from faulty pipe into Koh Sichang – Laem Chabang waters, Thailand, in the evening Sep 3. Tanker was offloading crude via Single Mooring Buoy No.2 when the leak occurred. Cleansing under way, tanker is surrounded by booms. Tanker wasn’t identified, but according to charts and photos, she can be identified as VLCC KALLISTA. Tanker arrived at Koh Sichang – Laem Chabang anchorage early Sep 3, from Saudi Arabia.
    Crude oil tanker KALLISTA, IMO 9411965, dwt 317441, built 2010, flag Panama, manager Altomare SA, Greece.

    4 September 04 2023