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  • Foreigner and Thai woman get into heated argument on BTS (video)


    A video went viral of a foreign man and a Thai woman arguing on the BTS Skytrain in Bangkok after the foreigner almost missed the train because the crowd at the door were reluctant to make space and move inside the carriage.


    A Thai woman, Jah, shared the video of the argument on social media and later sent it to news agencies. In an interview with ThaiRath, Jah revealed that she boarded the train at Siam BTS Station with the two people in the video.


    The foreign man in the black shirt almost missed the train because some passengers would not step aside, remaining at the door and blocking others from entering. The foreign man managed to get on the train and walked inside, muttering complaints.


    According to Jah, the foreign man bumped into the woman in a pink shirt and did not apologise. He asked her to move but his request sounded rude to the woman, sparking the argument.


    The following exchange was heard:

    Foreign man: “Shut the f*ck up! Recording me? I just told you to move onto the f*cking train.”
    Thai woman: “Why do you have to use rude words?”
    Foreign man: “Shut up! You don’t understand English. It wasn’t rude. I just said get the f*ck out of the way.”
    Thai woman: “That’s a rude word.”
    Foreign man: “That’s not rude, you don’t understand English!”


    Another foreign woman on the train attempted to calm the man down. She was heard intervening, saying, “Excuse me, you are being rude. So, just calm down.”



    Foreigner criticised for English insult


    The foreign man, who spoke in an American accent but had the look of a Chinese man, responded by saying that the rude people were those who did not let others onto the train. The foreign woman tried to explain that the train was full but the man continued to point out that the space in front of him was enough for six people.


    The foreign man and the Thai woman continued to yell at each other before the video ended.


    Jah voiced her opinion during the interview with Thai Rath, stating that she understood both sides of the argument from the foreign man and the Thai woman.


    The foreigner wanted to get home as fast as possible just like the other passengers on the train, so people should move inside to allow others to board. She also understood the Thai woman, as anyone would be angry if someone bumped into them or swore at them without an apology.


    Many Thai netizens pointed out that the foreigner should not insult Thai people about their English language skills if he cannot speak Thai, even though he is in Thailand. Some argued that they have also witnessed foreigners standing at the train door.


    Others agreed with the foreign man that many Thai passengers ignore others and always stand at the door for their convenience when getting off.


    by Petch Petpailin

    Siam BTS Station in the rush hour | Photo via X/ @js100radio


    Source: The Thaiger 2024-07-13


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    12 July 12 2024
  • Outstanding questions remain about new visa rules for Thailand


    The interior minister has now signed off on the latest immigration rules which will permit citizens of 93 countries to obtain a visa-exempt 60 days on entering Thailand by land, air and sea. This includes all the countries which provide significant tourist numbers including the traditional markets of UK, mainland Europe, the USA and Australia. The formal introduction date is Monday July 15, but reports from newly arrived visitors suggest the doubling of 30 days to 60 is already in place.


    In the past, visa-exempt tourists with 30 days stamped into their passports had to apply at local immigration to extend another month. They had to pay a visa fee of 1,900 baht and provide evidence that their hotel, condominium or host had registered them with immigration (the famous TM30 address confirmation form). Now that visa-exempt visitors have two months on arrival, they are spared that additional bureaucracy.

    What is not clear is whether these tourists can extend their 60 days by visiting local immigration and obtaining a further 30 days: a total of 90 days. Another ambiguity is whether visa-exempt tourists do a border run to repeat the whole exercise once again. If so, tourists without any visa could be based in Thailand for longer than the 180 days in a calendar year required for tax residency purposes. That possibility raises all sorts of questions as a tourist becomes an expat.


    The interior minister also confirmed the introduction of the multiple entry, five-year DTV or Destination Thailand Visa which will enable stays of 180 days plus one extension of six months more.


    The latest Thai immigration rule changes are the biggest in 20 years.


    By Barry Kenyon


    Full story: The Pattaya Mail 2024-07-15


    For more information about any visa types, please enquire:



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    15 July 15 2024
  • Thai mum’s advice on handling bullying praised by parents online



    A three year old girl returned from school in tears, asking her mother if she could fight back when being hit. Her mother’s response was praised online and encouraged her to seek help from teachers instead of retaliation.


    The story, shared by the girl’s family, detailed an incident involving Li (a pseudonym) and her daughter, who recently started kindergarten. One day, upon picking her up from school, Li noticed her daughter crying and asked what had happened. After some coaxing, the child asked, “Can I stay home from school tomorrow?”


    The mother, sensing a problem, gently inquired further. The daughter revealed she was often hit by a classmate and had been struck on the head with a toy that day. She then asked, “Mummy, when I get hit, can I hit back?”


    Li, deeply pained by the news of her daughter being bullied, had always prioritised her children’s education and taught her youngest not to steal toys or food and to avoid fights. She never imagined her child would become a victim in the classroom. Despite her initial distress, Li composed herself and provided a thoughtful response.



    “Are you sure you want to fight with your classmate? You might get hurt even more. What I want you to remember is that fighting back is not the best way to solve problems. But I don’t want you to just endure it either. If something like this happens again, tell your teacher.”


    This story, once shared on social media, garnered significant attention from parents. Li’s response was widely praised for its wisdom. She acknowledged her child’s suffering but also rejected the idea of her daughter using violence, instead promoting seeking support from adults.


    Social activities


    As children engage in social activities at school, they may encounter bullying. Some parents teach their children to ignore such issues, which can lead to long-term psychological harm, damaging their self-confidence and leaving them unsure of how to protect themselves.


    Conversely, some parents encourage their children to fight back, but violence is not an effective solution. It often escalates tensions and can lead to further isolation for the child.


    By Sarishti Arora

    Picture courtesy of Liv Bruce from unsplash.com


    Source: The Thaiger 2024-07-15


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    15 July 15 2024
  • Thailand to tax residents’ foreign income irrespective of remittance



    The Revenue Department of Thailand will amend a law to tax individuals with foreign income, even if that income is not brought into Thailand.


    Director-General of the Revenue Department, Kulaya Tantitemit stated that the current tax law mandates individuals residing in Thailand for over 180 days per year to pay taxes on foreign income if it is brought into the country.


    This income is currently subject to personal income tax payments to the department. The department is now working to amend the law based on the principle of worldwide income.


    This principle taxes individuals based on their residency within the country, irrespective of whether the income is sourced domestically or internationally.


    Kulaya mentioned plans to expand the tax base by requiring platforms with an income of 1 billion baht or more to report their sources of income.


    She added that the department will use this information to verify their tax compliance.


    Previously, the department revised the criteria for tax residency, mandating that individuals residing in Thailand for at least 180 days per year and earning foreign income must pay personal income tax if that income is brought into the country within the same year it was earned.


    However, this rule will be revised again, effective from 2024, requiring tax payment on foreign income regardless of when it is brought into the country, reported Bangkok Post.


    By Ryan Turner

    Image courtesy of Thailand Elite Visas


    Source: The Thaiger 2024-06-05


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    5 June 05 2024
  • Thai PM Strettha wishes Donald Trump speedy recovery amid assassination attempt



    In a tumultuous event that shook global politics, former U.S. President Donald Trump narrowly escaped an assassination attempt during a campaign rally in Pennsylvania. Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin has expressed his concern and sympathy, wishing Trump a speedy recovery.


    The incident, occurring on July 14, saw an unidentified assailant open fire while Trump addressed his supporters. The Secret Service acted promptly, neutralizing the threat, but not before Trump suffered a minor injury. A brief hospital visit confirmed the former president sustained a superficial wound to his right ear, and he was released shortly thereafter.


    Apart from Trump's injury, there were other casualties. Reports confirm the death of an attendee, Corey Comparatore, who was hailed as a hero for his attempt to shield others, including his family, during the shootout. Additionally, two individuals were seriously injured and are currently receiving medical care.


    In response to this violent act, PM Srettha issued a statement on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), articulating his shock and condemning the violence. "Violence has no place in our societies, and it is with heavy hearts that we learn of such events. Our thoughts are with the injured and the bereaved families. We hope for a fast recovery for Mr. Trump," stated Srettha.


    Srettha's stance on peace and security stands in stark contrast to the rising incidence of political violence globally, highlighting concerns over public figures' safety. Meanwhile, the Thai government officials have been in constant communication with international counterparts, monitoring the situation while reinforcing domestic security measures to prevent similar incidents, reported The Pattaya News.


    The FBI is currently investigating the attack, which has officially been classified as an assassination attempt. Further details are expected as their investigation progresses, providing insights into the motives behind this attempted attack on a major public figure in the political arena.



    Picture courtesy: Pattaya News


    -- 2024-07-15


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    15 July 15 2024
  • Thailand Leaves Out Certain Groups from Digital Wallet Project



    The Thailand Government plans to launch a 10,000-baht digital wallet initiative to benefit 50 million residents. However, Deputy Finance Minister, Chulaphan Amornvivat, announced at a Government House meeting that two unidentified groups would be ineligible for the project.


    Based on previous state projects, the government expects a 90% subscription rate, meaning they have earmarked 450 billion baht to cover 45 million participants. Finance Ministry in partnership with the Budget Bureau have reviewed the project’s funding, which will come from the budget allocations for 2024 and 2025.


    For 2024, an additional budget of 122 billion baht will be proposed to the House of Representatives, along with 43 billion baht from financial and budget management. For the 2025 budget, they will allocate 152 billion baht, plus an additional 132 billion baht for financial management.


    Deputy Minister Chulaphan mentioned that the exact dates for registration will be confirmed soon, with rollout planned for the fourth quarter. The Bank of Thailand will remain in charge of the system's security.



    Chulaphan also clarified that the Digital Government Development Agency has been developing the platform, and will then pass the responsibility to the outsourcing team. The initiative is intended to stimulate economic growth by enhancing public spending.


    A list of prohibited goods and services for the digital wallet has been developed. The Commerce Ministry has the authority to revise this list, subject to subcommittee approval, for example, on items such as firearms.


    Individuals or businesses previously in violation of state project terms or involved in reimbursement litigation will not be eligible for the scheme. The Cabinet will review the plan next week, with comprehensive details set to be released soon.


    The Prime Minister of Thailand hinted that the registration for the digital wallet may open on August 1, with detailed guidelines and eligibility criteria to be announced shortly.


    File photo for reference only



    -- 2024-07-15


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    15 July 15 2024
  • Thai factory closures, a victim of Chinese imports surge



    Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer BYD recently opened its inaugural Southeast Asian factory in Thailand, garnering considerable attention and praise for the country’s industrial foresight. However, this development also adversely affected long-established Japanese automakers, leading to a ripple effect across numerous Thai factories.


    A crucial development went relatively unnoticed as Suzuki Motor announced the closure of its Thai factory, with a capacity an annual output capacity of up to 60,000 cars.


    This decision by the Japanese automaker reflects a broader trend affecting Southeast Asia’s second-largest economy. Thailand is grappling with an influx of inexpensive Chinese imports and a decline in industrial competitiveness, exacerbated by rising energy costs and an ageing workforce.


    Over the past year, nearly 2,000 factories have shut down in Thailand, severely impacting the manufacturing sector, which contributes almost 25% of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP). This downturn is weighing heavily on the 18 trillion baht economy and affecting workers.


    A loyal employee of nearly 20 years at the VMC Safety Glass factory in Samut Prakan province, 54 year old Chanpen inspected automotive and building products. In April, she was unexpectedly informed about the factory’s closure, leaving her jobless. As the sole breadwinner for the family, this closure marked a dark period of uncertainty for her future.


    “I don’t have any savings. I have hundreds of thousands of baht of debt… I’m old, where will I go to work? Who will hire me?”



    Declined to comment


    A director at VMC Safety Glass, Monchai Praepriwngam, declined to comment on the reasons behind the factory’s closure.


    The struggles within the manufacturing sector pose a significant challenge to Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, who took office last year. He pledged to boost average annual GDP growth to 5% over his four-year term, up from 1.73% over the past decade. The Bangkok-born PM highlighted the issues surrounding the industrial sector in a Parliament meeting last week.


    “The industrial sector has slumped and capacity utilisation has fallen below 60%… It is clear that the industry needs to adapt.”


    Chairman of the National Economic and Social Development Council, Supavud Saicheua echoed these concerns, stating that Thailand’s long-standing manufacturing-driven economic model is failing, before highlighting the need for a shift to focus on products not exported by China, instead to strengthen its agricultural sector.


    “The Chinese are now trying to export left, right and centre. Those cheap imports are causing trouble… You have to change…no ifs or buts.”


    The Thai Department of Industrial Works reported a 40% increase in factory closures between July 2023 and June 2024 compared to the previous year. Consequently, job losses surged by 80%, leaving over 51,500 workers unemployed.


    Giants falling


    Kiatnakin Phatra Bank’s research division noted a slowdown in new factory openings, with large factories closing and smaller ones taking their place. This trend has impacted key economic sectors, including the automobile industry.


    Smaller manufacturers are also struggling with rising production costs due to increased energy prices and relatively high wages, according to Sangchai Theerakulwanich, chairman of the Federation of Thai SMEs.


    “We compete with multinational businesses…Manufacturers unable to adapt quickly had to close business or change to make something else.”


    Starting this month, Thailand began collecting a 7% value-added tax on inexpensive imported goods priced below 1,500 Thai baht, primarily from China. However, these products remain exempt from customs duties.


    The Vice Chairman of the Federation of Thai Industries, Nava Chantanasurakon, urged the government to implement measures to prevent tariff evasion amid the US-China trade war and high barriers for some Chinese goods in other regions.


    Currently, Thailand’s economy is projected to grow by only about 2.5% this year, contributing to widespread dissatisfaction with Prime Minister Srettha’s performance.


    Cash handout scheme


    The Thai premier defended his party’s controversial and delayed 500 billion-baht handout scheme, which has faced substantial criticism, including from the central bank. He labelled it as a “strong medicine to revive the economy.”


    Without a steady income, Chanpen is awaiting the 10,000 baht handout that 50 million Thais are eligible to receive under the plan, reported Bangkok Post.


    “The economy was bad during the previous government…But even after the new government has come, the economy is still as bad as before.”


    By Ryan Turner

    Lingerie factory closure in 2021, Image courtesy of Bangkok Post


    Source: The Thaiger 2024-07-15


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    15 July 15 2024
  • EGAT Plans to Construct Environmentally Friendly Floating Solar Farm



    The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) has joined forces with the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) and Colorado State University (CSU) for a project exploring low-cost, easily recyclable Edge Sealed Modules (ESM) solar panels. They plan to install these panels on floating platforms in the Sirindhorn Dam reservoir, in Ubon Ratchathani province, to test their efficiency.


    EGAT’s Deputy Governor for Power Plant Development and Renewable Energy, Thidade Eiam-sai, along with AIT's Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs, Prof. Nitin Tripathi, and CSU’s Vice Dean for Research, Prof. Kenneth F. Reardon, have signed an online Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to collaborate on this project.


    Mr. Thidade emphasized EGAT's commitment to speeding up the development of floating solar power plants along with hydroelectric ones. This move will bolster clean energy production and help Thailand achieve its carbon neutrality objectives. The collaboration marks an important advancement in increasing electricity production via EGAT’s floating solar projects in dam reservoirs.



    EGAT aims to develop ESM solar panels, which are not only cost-effective to produce, but also more easily recyclable. The panels will be tested for their power generation efficiency in real-life conditions in comparison to currently used solar panels. Part of the project's interest is also to determine possible commercial applications.


    ESM solar panels are seen as a groundbreaking solar energy technology, able to operate in a variety of weather conditions and boasting longer lives. The adoption of this technology could significantly enhance the efficiency and adaptability of solar power generation.


    File photo for reference only



    -- 2024-07-15


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    15 July 15 2024
  • Trump Rally Shooting Alarms Ex-PM Thaksin Shinawatra



    Thailand's ex-Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has expressed his concern over the recent assassination attempt at a Donald Trump campaign rally in Pennsylvania.


    Thaksin, who survived several assassination attempts during his tenure as prime minister, plans to reach out to Trump via a message on X, hoping for his safety and deploring the use of violence in politics.


    Thaksin's remark came in the wake of troubling news that broke around an armed individual attempting to disrupt a political gathering where Trump was speaking. Security personnel promptly intervened, ensuring the safety of everyone present, including Trump.


    However, the incident has stirred up significant anxiety, reflecting on global political tensions and the charged atmosphere surrounding high-profile public figures.


    Reflecting on his experiences, Thakin emphasized the gravity of such threats and the urgent need for steadfast security measures. He pointed out that while Thailand is predominantly Buddhist and generally maintains a non-violent ethos, his own experiences indicate that no individual in a position of power is entirely safe from such extreme actions.


    The incident has sparked a wider discussion about the adequacy of current security arrangements for public figures worldwide. Thaksin advised that vigilance is paramount, and preventive measures should be adjusted in response to rising political tensions and growing public dissatisfaction, reported Thai Newsroom.


    As investigations proceed in Pennsylvania, this event may prompt a reevaluation of security protocols at political events, especially with the looming U.S. presidential election. 


    TOP: File photos



    -- 2024-07-15


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    14 July 14 2024
  • Thai woman wins 9 million baht from UK bet


    A 40 year old Thai woman living in the UK transformed her life by winning a substantial £200,000 (approximately 9 million baht) from a £1 bet on the Nifty Fifty game through Betfred. This windfall has allowed her to leave her demanding 14-hour workdays behind and plan a return to Thailand to live her dream life.


    Araya Curry, who previously worked as a cleaner in a healthcare facility during the day and as a waitress in the evening, is now preparing to say goodbye to her minimum wage jobs in the UK.


    The substantial prize, equivalent to over 9.3 million baht, came from a modest investment of just 47 baht. This newfound wealth will enable her and her family to enjoy a comfortable life and has accelerated their plans to purchase land and build a home in Thailand.


    Construction on their six-bedroom house has already begun, a project which had been part of a 10-year plan for Araya and her husband, 45 year old Andy.


    “I have been working 14 hours a day for a long time, so this wonderful win has completely changed my life and Andy’s. It’s not just for me but for our children as well. We had a 10-year plan to buy land in Thailand and live there, and now the construction of our six-bedroom house has started.”

    Andy, a former firefighter who met Araya 20 years ago while on vacation, expressed his disbelief at their good fortune.


    “I still can’t believe you can win £200,000 from just a £1 bet. We want to sincerely thank Fred Done, the CEO of Betfred. Our new dream home in Thailand, valued at £43,000, is currently under construction.”


    Fred Done, the CEO of Betfred, has been invited to visit the Curry family’s dream home in Thailand once it is completed as a gesture of gratitude, reported Sanook.


    “In our 57-year history, there has never been a more deserving winner than Araya. She and her husband work incredibly hard and deserve all the good fortune in the world.”


    by Puntid Tantivangphaisal

    Photo courtesy of Sanook


    Source: The Thaiger 2024-07-13


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    13 July 13 2024