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  • Thai government to purchase a further 35 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines

    Thai government to purchase a further 35 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines



    Picture: Daily News


    The Thai Cabinet on Tuesday approved the purchase of another 35 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines.


    The government has  set aside a budget of 6.387 billion Baht for the purchase, government spokesperson Anucha Buropchaisri told Daily News.


    Some 5.6 billion Baht of the budget will be used to purchase the AstraZeneca made vaccine, while 700 million Baht will be set aside for management and distribution of rollout of  the vaccine.


    The new batch will be used alongside the 26 million doses of the AstraZeneca  vaccine and the 2 million doses of Sinovac already purchased by the government.


    This means Thailand has around 63 million doses of  COVID-19 vaccines, which is enough to vaccinate more than 50 percent of the population.


    Meanwhile, the government will continue to source further doses of the vaccine, Mr Anucha said.


    The news comes as the Thai government announced on Tuesday that members of the public will be able to register to receive the vaccine from early May, before the government’s vaccination drive which is set to begin in June.


    Previously, the government had said that everyone in Thailand - including foreign expats - will be eligible to receive the vaccine.



    3 March 2021
  • Study reveals how much money you need to retire in Thailand

    Study reveals how much money you need to retire in Thailand




    Anyone thinking about retiring to Thailand should have the equivalent of around 11 million Baht in savings (approx USD$390,000), that’s according to a new study on the cost of retirement around the world.


    The study, carried out by online lender NetCredit titled The Cost of a Comfortable Retirement Around the World, looked at how much someone might need to retire aboard and enjoy their same quality of life.


    This was determined as going out once a week, takeout coffee once a week, no smoking, moderate drinking, no taxis or rideshares, eating mainly Western food at home, two vacations and renting a 1 bed apartment in a city centre, among other factors.


    The figures are based on someone living for around 14 years after they retire - with the average age of retirement in America (64) and the average life expectancy (78.7). The same calculations were then applied to almost every country. 


    The study found that a person retiring to Thailand would need $389,835 in savings in order to maintain the same standard of living they were used to in the West.


    The amount of savings required for Thailand were considerably lower than the amount needed to retire comfortably in both the United Kingdom ($515,742) and the United States ($601,489.63).




    Regionally, Southeast Asia remained an affordable option for retirement, with Indonesia ($290,599), Malaysia ($321,614), Vietnam ($353,906) and the Philippines ($369,340) offering cheaper alternatives to Thailand, while Cambodia ($389,146) was on a par with the Land of Smiles in terms the amount of savings needed. 


    In order to retire in Singapore ($946,993) or Hong Kong($871,578), you’d need around three times the amount of savings needed to retire in Thailand.


    Around the world, Bermuda was found to be the most expensive country, where you’d need savings of more  than $1 million dollars for a luxury retirement in paradise.


    Elsewhere in North America, Mexico was the cheapest place for retirement where savings of $257,078 is enough for a comfortable retirement.





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    2 March 2021
  • Songkran in Thailand to go ahead next month - with some water splashing

    Songkran in Thailand to go ahead next month - with some water splashing




    Songkran festivities are set to go ahead next month, providing activities comply with measures put in place to limit the spread of COVID-19.


    Yuthasak Supasorn, Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand told Daily News that Songkran events will definitely be held in Thailand this year and that TAT plans to organise events to celebrate the Thai New Year.


    The TAT chief said Songkran would take place between 10-15 April 2021.


    Meanwhile, Sanook reported that the traditional water splashing activities will go ahead on Khaosan Road. 


    Citing Culture Minister Itthiphol Kunplome, the event can go ahead providing strict disease control measures are in place. 


    The government hopes the Songkran festival will boost domestic tourism and stimulate the beleaguered economy.


    This is a developing news story.



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    3 March 2021
  • Doctor Allergic to COVID-19 Vaccine

    Doctor Allergic to COVID-19 Vaccine




    BANGKOK, March 3 (TNA) – COVID-19 vaccine allergy was reported with a doctor who had been allergic to penicillin, according to the public health minister. 


    A female doctor aged 25 at Samut Sakhon Hospital had dizziness and nausea after COVID-19 vaccine inoculation, said Deputy Prime Minister and Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul. 


    According to him, the doctor received vaccine at about 11am on March 2 and had the allergic symptoms at about 2pm. 


    Full Story: https://tna.mcot.net/english-news-648049



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    3 March 2021
  • Video: It's all smiles as cop lets six students on two motorcycles do exercises instead of a fine - but the carnage continues
    Video: It's all smiles as cop lets six students on two motorcycles do exercises instead of a fine - but the carnage continues
    Picture: Daily News
    It was a standard story seen many times in Thailand in recent years that is portrayed in the Thai press as a bit of a laugh.
    Young students on their way to school without helmets being given daft exercises by the roadside instead of being fined.
    But as many have pointed out online, and the statistics show, this kind of thing is doing nothing to prevent the appalling carnage on the roads, much of it leading to the death of under 15s on bikes. 
    Daily News said locals were smiling and other drivers thought it was funny as traffic cop Pol Capt Withaya Butphrom pulled over six students on just two bikes on their way to school in Thung Yai, Nakhon Sri Thammarat in southern Thailand.
    Picture: Daily News
    A video showed the cop have the students line up before giving them a bit of a lecture that was indistinct as he was masked.
    The students listened patiently as if they had heard it all before.
    They were then given their "punishment" - ten squats and stand up while they held shoulders.
    Then after a few more words the helmetless girls were sent on their merry way - three to a bike to school.
    It has been reported that up to 80% of the carnage on Thai roads involves motorcyles with many dying for the lack of a helmet.
    With 26,000 said to die annually that means upwards of 20,000 people die on bikes.
    Many are children aged under 15 going to and from school. 
    Picture: Daily News
    News reports have suggested that for the first time in many years death of young people on motorcycles exceeded deaths from drowning. 
    Yet the smiles still go on with a police force more interested in getting a few laughs rather than saving young lives, notes Thaivisa. 
    And the Thai media, and to a certain extent the public, connives in this.
    For while it is true that Daily News publish the accident figures to raise awareness of the dangers on the Thai roads on a daily basis, not once in this story did they suggest this kind of attitude may be part of the problem.
    Source: Daily News
    3 March 2021
  • Thailand Live Wednesday 3 Mar 2021

    Study reveals how much money you need to retire in Thailand




    Anyone thinking about retiring to Thailand should have the equivalent of around 11 million Baht in savings (approx USD$390,000), that’s according to a new study on the cost of retirement around the world.


    Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1208055-study-reveals-how-much-money-you-need-to-retire-in-thailand/

    2 March 2021
  • Another case of a married man marrying his mistress hits the headlines in Thailand

    Another case of a married man marrying his mistress hits the headlines in Thailand

    Picture: Daily News
    Thailand can't seem to get enough of Thai men going off to marry their mistresses.
    Following last month's drama when an aggrieved wife armed with a marriage certificate went to her husband's second wedding and where his mum slapped him in front of chanting monks, comes yet another salacious story.
    In this one reported by Daily News the "mia luang" (legal first wife) went on a live Line application to complain in floods of tears.
    She was named as Kate, 43, while the husband was called Dong, also 43. Both were apparently assumed names.
    Kate, from Chaiyaphum said that her marriage to Dong was going well, or so she thought.
    Picture: Daily News
    Her husband was a manager at a company but then she found out that he had married a staffer from another company at a resort in Chonburi.
    And she had pictures of the "big" ceremony on February 19th where her husband married his "mia noi" (mistress or minor wife)
    She also displayed her marriage certificate (thabian somrot).
    She said they had been married for two years and complained that her husband had never shown responsibility and left her alone to care for her mother. 
    She said that she had not caused any "alawat" (a word used to indicate making trouble especially when a wife finds out about an errant husband's activities).
    She just let them get on with it. 
    Then she finds out he has tied the knot with her.
    Following their marriage she claimed that both her husband and his new wife had called to threaten her life.
    She alleged they were going to put her in burning tires - an execution method known as necklacing. 
    She appealed for justice and help from the "Team Mia Luang".
    Anusorn Asurapong or lawyer Pat of Team Mia Luang asked people in Chaiyaphum to lend a hand.
    He said he was busy but would be along soon. 
    Source: Daily News
    3 March 2021
  • Thai PM orders study on 'vaccine passports' to boost tourism

    Thai PM orders study on 'vaccine passports' to boost tourism



    FILE PHOTO: Thailand's Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha and Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul applaud next to a container as they attend the arrival of a plane with a shipment of 200,000 doses of the Sinovac coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine from China at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Thailand, February 24, 2021. REUTERS/Athit Perawongmetha/File Photo


    BANGKOK (Reuters) - Thailand's prime minister said on Tuesday he has commissioned a study to look into issuing COVID-19 vaccination certificates for international travellers, as the country seeks to revive a tourism industry battered by coronavirus curbs.


    The Southeast Asian nation has been mulling the idea of so-called "vaccine passports", but no target date has been set and tourism operators have complained about lost revenue.


    Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said Thailand will proceed with caution, waiting to see how effective vaccines are first in preventing the spread of COVID-19.


    "I have already ordered the study so we can be prepared, but it's also important that we proceed in line with other countries," Prayuth said in a post on Facebook on Tuesday.


    People in Thailand who are vaccinated would be given certificates, which could be used for international travel, he said.

    Thai authorities will meet next week to discuss procedures to obtain such certificates, as well as quarantine arrangements for tourists with "vaccine passports" entering Thailand.


    Previously, officials have said vaccinated visitors could have mandatory quarantine cut from two weeks to three days or waived entirely.


    The global vaccine rollout has given hope to the pandemic-hit tourism industry, which makes up about 11% of Southeast Asia's second-largest economy.


    In 2020, Thailand's tourism revenue slumped to 332 billion baht ($10.94 billion) from 1.91 trillion baht a year earlier, as visitor numbers plunged by 83%.


    ($1 = 30.3600 baht)


    (Reporting by Panarat Thepgumpanat; Writing by Patpicha Tanakasempipat; Editing by Ed Davies)



    -- © Copyright Reuters 2021-03-02
    2 March 2021
  • Thai Airways Confident in Its Rehabilitation Plan

    Thai Airways Confident in Its Rehabilitation Plan




    BANGKOK, March 3 (TNA) – The management of Thai Airways International (THAI) is confident that its creditors will endorse its rehabilitation plan on May 12 and it will resume international flights especially to Europe. 


    Acting THAI president Chansin Treenuchagron said that in response to the Central Bankruptcy Court’s order for the airline to rehabilitate its business and appoint rehabilitation planners, the airline completed a rehabilitation plan and submitted it with the Legal Execution Department yesterday (March 2). 


    The plan described that the airline had a total debt worth 410 billion baht but it accepted an accumulated debt worth 160-170 billion baht before Sept 14, 2020. 


    Full Story: https://tna.mcot.net/english-news/line-today-english-news-647881



    -- © Copyright TNA 2021-03-03
    3 March 2021
  • No Evidence to Show Thai Bats Cause Covid-19

    No Evidence to Show Thai Bats Cause Covid-19

    Paphamon Arayasukawat




    BANGKOK (NNT) - Thai researchers have insisted that the coronavirus found in a horseshoe bat population in Chachoengsao province last year is not a strain that is transmissible to humans, after several reports suggested that the Covid-19 pandemic may have originated in Thailand.


    Supaporn Wacharapluesadee, a researcher with the Thai Red Cross Emerging Infectious Diseases-Health Science Centre, said they are in the same family of coronaviruses, but they do not cause Covid-19.


    She made the statement after reports published by a Russian news agency said researchers have found a new strain of coronaviruses in a Thai bat colony which closely resembles the Sars-CoV-2 virus, which causes Covid-19.



    3 March 2021