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  • Covid outbreak in pineapple factory sparks fear of wider spread in Hua Hin/Cha-Am area


    Picture: Prachuap Post


    The Prachuap Post on Facebook reported there were 22 cases of Covid-19 found at a pineapple factory on the Hua Hin bypass among Myanmar migrants.


    More than two hundred more have been tested with results not yet in.



    Picture: Prachuap Post


    The outbreak has caused fears among the locals that it will spread to a local village where many of the workers stay or even further afield in Hua Hin and Cha-Am. 


    The Quality Pineapple Products factory on the Cha-Am - Pranburi bypass is being sealed off as a field hospital and quarantine facility, reported the media.


    Panya Konyai, the phoo yai ban of Ban Nong Nok village said that he feared an outbreak there as many workers who don't live at the factory reside there.


    Spraying of their homes as well as of other homes nearby was taking place. This was being done by officials of the Hin Lek Fai council. 



    Picture: Prachuap Post


    Other workers at the factory live in Hua Hin and Cha-Am.


    Pineapples are delivered for processing at the factory from Rayong, Chonburi, Prachinburi and Lampang.


    The media indicated that positive tests had risen from 17 to 22 and that 225 people are awaiting test results. 


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    7 May 07 2021
  • Cha-Am:  Search on after three people go missing when two boats capsized


    Picture: 77kaoded


    77kaoded reported that the mayor of Cha-Am was coordinating a search and the district chief had set up a command center after two boats capsized in the early hours of Thursday morning.


    Four vessels had set off to go squid fishing the previous evening but a storm hit around 4-5 am.



    Picture: 77kaoded


    Three people were missing - two men and a woman.


    One may told how his wife - who was wearing a life jacket - fell into the water. He managed to grab a drum and clambered into another boat to safety but she disappeared in the early morning gloom. 



    Picture: 77kaoded


    The names of the boats were Bell Fah and Choke Sap Preeda. 


    The incident happened seven nautical miles off the Bang Sai Noi area of Cha-Am, Phetchaburi. 


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    7 May 07 2021
  • Hua Hin wants to welcome foreign tourists from October 1


    Picture: Banmuang


    Hua Hin is gearing up to welcome vaccinated foreign tourists from October 1.


    A meeting held on Monday (April 27) saw the formal launch of what tourism chiefs and local officials are calling ‘Hua Hin Recharge’.


    The aim is for Hua Hin to be included in Thailand’s reopening plans, with the likes of Phuket, Koh Samui and Pattaya.


    The plans would allow vaccinated foreigners to visit Hua Hin without the need to quarantine in a hotel room.


    The proposals are similar to the so-called ‘Sandbox’ plan in Phuket.



    Picture: Banmuang


    Under the proposals discussed on Monday, foreign tourists wishing to travel to Hua Hin will need to show proof they have been vaccinated and will also need to pass a rapid COVID-19 test on arrival. 


    They will also be required to download the Thailand Plus mobile app in order to facilitate contact tracing. All this will need to be done after landing in Bangkok and before check in at a hotel in Hua Hin.


    Thai language news site reported that downtown Hua Hin and Nong Khae district, which includes Khao Takiab, the area where the Holiday Inn is located and further down the  coast past Suan Son, have been earmarked for inclusion in the proposals. 


    This area covers 86 square kilometers and includes 182 hotels. 


    While tourists will not be limited to only stay in their hotel rooms, they will be required to only stay in Hua Hin centre or Nong Khae for a minimum of seven days. Once the 7 days is completed, they will be free to travel anywhere in Thailand. 



    Picture: Banmuang


    Plans are also being formulated for travel operators to offer packages to other destinations within Thailand. The aim for this is to easily allow tourists to travel to the likes of Pattaya or Phuket after they have completed their 7 days in Hua Hin, and vice versa.


    Officials believe that the Hua Hin Recharge plan will bring approximately 100,000 foreign tourists to the resort, from the places such as China, Germany, UK, Japan and Scandinavia. 



    Picture: Banmuang


    Hua Hin Recharge would  be worth about  1.2 billion baht to the local economy.


    However, fundamental to the plans will be the speed in which tourism workers can be vaccinated.


    Banmuang reported that Hua Hin has approximately 89,000 workers in the tourism industry and that a total of 350,000 doses of the vaccine will be needed in order for Hua Hin Recharge to begin on Oct 1.


    The aim is to have 70% of Hua Hin’s population vaccinated by the end of September.


    The plans for Hua Hin Recharge will be submitted to the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration next month.


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    27 April 27 2021
  • Lazudi Pte Ltd Acquires Pro Real Estate Hua Hin Co., Ltd

    May 2021


    In April 2021, Lazudi Pte (Singapore) has acquired the leading Hua Hin real estate company Pro Real Estate Hua Hin Co., Ltd.


    Founded in 2005, Pro Real Estate is an award-winning real estate agency based in Hua Hin. The company consistently closes the highest volume of property sales in the region, driven by it’s combination of relationships with developers and unique proposition offering sellers exclusive listing services.


    Lazudi provides agents with a technology platform that digitizes the property buying and selling process in Thailand. Streamlining processes, communication and managing workflows to improve the overall experience, providing complete transparency for all stakeholders in the transaction process.


    Glenn Thomson, Managing Director of Pro Real Estate will join the Lazudi team, bringing his experience of 17 years in the industry to assist with Lazudi’s technical innovation, new product development, and sales management in Thailand.


    Neil Sutton , Co-founder of Lazudi, commented;


    “We are delighted to announce Lazudi’s first acquisition in Thailand. Glenn and the team at Pro Real Estate have consistently delivered industry-leading customer service and unmatched sales performance since their incorporation. Strategically, this acquisition will strengthen Lazudi’s position in Thailand as we continue to increase sales, expand the partner agency network, and sign exclusive agreements with developers. We look forward to working alongside Glenn and the team at Pro Real Estate.”


    Glenn Thomson, Managing Director of Pro Real Estate, commented;


    “Myself, my Partner Piriya Hitawattanakul and our team of experienced property consultants are excited to work more closely with the Lazudi Team. We have been impressed with the rollout of the technology platform. Lazudi’s technology and marketing allow us to focus all of our attention and resources on providing sales and customer services. I look forward to expanding my role and using my extensive knowledge and experience to add value to Lazudi.”


    About Lazudi

    Lazudi is an Online Real Estate Agency that leverages technology to provide an efficient and fully digitalized home buying process. Lazudi partners with Top Performing regional Agents and Agencies, providing them with centralised marketing and technology platforms and resources. Agents can now focus their time and effort on supporting their clients buying & selling properties. The Lazudi platform manages the process from end to end, processing all enquiries, viewings, negotiations, and offers on behalf of clients. Lazudi works with the Top Selling Agents in emerging markets and will be launching in several South East Asian markets in the near future. https://lazudi.com/th-en


    About Pro Real Estate

    Pro Real Estate is an award-winning property company, which has helped 1000’s of people find their right property match in Hua Hin since 2005. Actively selling both new homes and resale properties. Pro Real Estate has consistently been the top-selling agency in the region. http://www.pro-real-estate.com/


    4 May 04 2021
  • Elderly British expat dies of COVID-19 in Hua Hin



    A British man, 92, has died of COVID-19 in Hua Hin, it was announced on Friday.


    The man, who lived in Hua Hin district, had pre-existing health conditions, Hua Hin Today reported.


    On Friday, Prachuap Khiri Khan reported 11 new cases, 8 of which were in Hua Hin.


    As of Friday, there have been a total of 1,075 cases in the province, with 658 having made a full recovery, while 414 patients are still receiving treatment. 


    New cases in the province have reduced significantly over the past week. 


    Also on Friday, Provincial Governor Phallop Singhasenee said that he expects cases in the province to continue to decline over the coming days.


    However, he urged residents in the province not to drop their guard against the virus and continue to follow the preventive measures put in place in order to reduce the risk of infection.



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    30 April 30 2021
  • Immigration's BMW smart cars join the battle against Covid-19


    Picture: Daily News


    Thailand's Immigration Bureau are utilising their fleet of so-called "smart cars" to bring home the message about Covid-19 prevention, reported Daily News.


    They will be out and about in their jurisdictions making sure that everyone is wearing masks, washing their hands and only going out if absolutely necessary.


    Deputy at the IB and spokesman Pol Maj-Gen Achayon Kraithong said that IB chief Lt-Gen Sompong Chingduang cares about the Thai people and foreigners residing in the country.



    Picture: Daily News


    The police don't want to catch and fine people but want this to be a PR drive to help get everyone onboard with the strict measures now in place as Thailand battles the third wave of the virus. 


    Pol Col Phakpong Sai-udom added: "We're here to help 100% - let's fight this together".


    The BMW car was out in Torung market in Prachuap Khiri Khan and the downtown provincial capital, the media further reported. 


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    30 April 30 2021
  • Prachuap hospital appeals for blood donations amid critical shortage


    Picture: Talk News Online


    The director of Prachuap Khiri Khan hospital Dr Pongphat Theeranantachai has made an urgent appeal for donations of blood.


    He said that shortages caused by people not giving blood because of the pandemic had now reached critical levels. 


    He said that normally there would be supplies of 40 units for each of the groups, O, A, B and AB.


    Most people are O and there are now only 5 units available per day. 


    With relatively routine surgery requiring 4 units and more complicated surgery 10 or more units the severity of the problem is clear.


    The hospital is the main one in the province with 280 beds and six operating theaters. 


    The director made an appeal for blood donations to be made at the first floor of the Anusorn 36 Years building between 8.30 am and 3 pm daily (no days off). 


    People can call with queries on 032 601060-4 Ex 2089.


    You must be 18-60 to give blood with no pre-existing medical conditions. You must weigh 50 kilograms or more.


    Those with a history of sexual related problems or drug taking are barred. 


    People should not be taking some specific medications and pregnant women or those breastfeeding cannot donate. 


    Donors need to have had six hours rest at least before giving blood and these rules would be followed to the letter, said the director in a story published by Talk News Online yesterday. 


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    28 April 28 2021
  • Hua Hin reports just 9 new COVID-19 cases as new infections across the province fall significantly


    FILE PHOTO for reference only


    Health officials in Prachuap Khiri Khan reported that there were just 9 new COVID-19 cases in Hua Hin on Wednesday and only a total of 11 throughout the whole province.


    Two deaths were also reported, while a further 60 people had made a full recovery.


    In total there have been 1,034 cases during the third wave of infections and as of Wednesday 541 have already been discharged having made a full recovery.


    Wednesday’s figures are further signs of optimism that the province may be over the worst of the third wave of infections.


    Earlier this month, on April 12, the number of new cases in the province peaked at 141. 


    However, since then the number of cases reported daily have fallen significantly, while the number of people making a full recovery have surged.


    In the past five days the number of new cases reported in a single day have not exceeded 23.


    Earlier this month, officials in Prachuap Khiri Khan came in for special praise from the Ministry of Public Health for their quick and effective action in dealing with the cluster detect at the Maya Pub in Hua Hin. 


    This cluster has been responsible for almost 90 percent of the infections in the province and is linked directly to the outbreak at the Krystal Club in Bangkok, which was one of the major clusters discovered in the third wave of infections. 


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    28 April 28 2021
  • Hua Hin: Beach hotel has lost 70-80 million baht in last six months, rental terms deferred


    File photo


    Thai business media reported that the Centara Beach Resort in Hua Hin has lost between 70-80 million baht in the last six months alone. 


    They rent a 72 rai plot from the state railways. 


    A meeting of the SRT board chaired by Department of Land Transport chief Jirut Wisanjit has opted to defer rental payments for six months but a renegotiated contract could begin as early as next month.


    They paid around 4.7 million baht a month in rent but this has already been reduced by 50% and 30% in different time periods to help the hotel. 


    -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2021-04-27
    27 April 27 2021
  • Hua Hin: Air Asia flights cancelled until mid May


    Picture: Prachap Post


    News organisation Prachuap Post said on Facebook that a senior executive at Hua Hin airport had tested positive for Covid-19.


    Case #983 in the province is a state employee aged 59. He is currently in Hua Hin hospital with mild symptoms after testing positive on Friday. 


    High risk contacts have been ordered to be quarantined. 


    Reporters found the airport deserted yesterday except for security and some office staff on the second floor. 


    Health officials were spraying disinfectant. 


    All Air Asia flights to and from Chiang Mai and Udon Thani have been cancelled until mid May.


    They would normally fly Fridays and Sundays. 


    -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2021-04-27
    27 April 27 2021