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Driver Arrested After ‘Drifting’ BMW at Phuket Gas Station

26. September 2023

A driver was arrested after a video clip of a brand-new sedan ‘drifting’ in a... Les mer >>>

Six Power Poles Knocked Down in Phuket During Heavy Rain

24. September 2023

Six power poles were knocked down during heavy rain in Karon and a foreign motorbike... Les mer >>>

53-year-old Swiss tourist falls to his death at Phuket airport

23. September 2023

PHUKET: A 53-year-old Swiss man fell to his death from a parking building at Phuket... Les mer >>>

Heavy Rain Causes Major Flooding in Phuket

23. September 2023

The heavy rain hit on Friday afternoon (September 22nd) for about three hours and caused... Les mer >>>

Russian Man Returns Home After Living at the Phuket Airport for 14 Days

22. September 2023

The Phuket Tourist Assistance Center (TAC) told the Phuket Express on Thursday (September 21st) that... Les mer >>>

About 110 Tons of Garbage Found Dumped in Phuket

21. September 2023

About 100,000 kilograms of garbage have been found dumped in Chalong, Mueang Phuket. Koh Tao... Les mer >>>

Three People Injured After Motorbike Sidecar Collides With Sedan on Phuket Main Road

19. September 2023

Three people have been injured after a motorbike sidecar collided with a sedan on the... Les mer >>>