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  • They followed the Hong Kong model
    From Manager, March 23, 2021 Joshua: You exactly followed my Hong Kong model… from the beginning to the end. Caption: Joshua Wong must be happy. [Refers to Thai anti-government leaders including Penguin, Anon and Rung (at left) who are now … Continue reading
    13 April 2021
    Editorial Cartoons - Manager
  • A crocodile laying down to block the canal
    From Thairath, March 31, 2021 Title: Canal blocker PM Prayuth: If you dare enough, then try to overthrow me. On vessels left: Violate human rights; Economic problems; Dictatorship On vessels right: Freedom; Democracy; Development; Country Signs held by people left … Continue reading
    12 April 2021
    Editorial Cartoons - Various
  • Trendy
    From Manager March 22, 2021 On the sign: We are Bang Kloi people Thanathorn: What’s up… Ratskate!!! Caption: Even a dog’s tick [Refers to Thanathorn and his team (the woman on his back is Pannika) who have been adept in … Continue reading
    10 April 2021
    Editorial Cartoons - Manager
  • Eating the truffle of failure
    From Manager, March 30, 2021 Left truffle: PAO Right truffle: Municipality Thanathorn: The old one is not finished yet… [meaning he has yet to eat the truffle of failure from the PAO elections yet] Caption: Actively collecting [them] [Refers to … Continue reading
    9 April 2021
    Editorial Cartoons - Manager
  • From Arun, March 8, 2021 Inside the box: Kyel Sin “Angel,” A 19-year old girl was shot in the head amid the anti-coup protest in Myanmar Title: Words from Myanmar [Refers to Kyel Sin, known as “Angel” killed by being … Continue reading
    8 April 2021
  • Will the number pass ours?
    From Thairath, March 6, 2021 Title: Will the number pass ours? [meaning PM Prayuth is hopeful the death toll in Myanmar will climb to surpass the death toll of the 2010 Red Shirt protests in Bangkok] Signs held by the … Continue reading
    6 April 2021
    Editorial Cartoons - Thairath - Sia
  • Darkness is eating the country
    From Thairath, March 10, 2021 On the monster: Privilege; Violate human rights; Illegal power; Injustice; Dictator dominates the country; Corruption. On the map below the monster’s mouth: Thailand without freedom Phi Nooring: Waiting to be destroyed. Mouse: No future Caption: … Continue reading
    4 April 2021
    Editorial Cartoons - Thairath - Sia
  • Water monitor under the car
    From Thairath, March 4, 2021 Title: The one under the chair is more difficult to expel. Man under the chair: Negotiate for the Minister’s chair. Phi Nooring: It belongs to the House of Cabinet for so long. Mouse: The real … Continue reading
    3 April 2021
    Editorial Cartoons - Thairath - Sia