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  • Let the wound speak
    From Thairath, October 30, 2020 Title: Let the wound say it instead. The wound is saying: Ignore the call from the people, high school students and university students, but arrest and crackdown without humanity. On his necktie: PT [Pheu Thai … Continue reading
    23 November 2020
    Editorial Cartoons - Thairath - Sia
  • Scholarship requirements from Uncle Sam
    From Manager, November 11, 2020 Uncle Sam: The regulation is… whoever curses the best… messes up the best… destroys the country the most… will receive a U.S. scholarship, and be able to go to America like these four people. Caption: … Continue reading
    20 November 2020
    Editorial Cartoons - Manager
  • Democrats Great Again
    From Thairath, November 7, 2020 Title: Democrats Great Again [these words are transcribed from English to make light of Trump’s “Make American Great Again” slogan] On Trump’s suit: Trump. On Biden’s tie: Biden. Mouse: Keep the peace. Mouse man: Stop … Continue reading
    19 November 2020
    Editorial Cartoons - Thairath - Sia
  • Destroy Thailand’s House
    From Manager, October 21, 2020 Joshua Wong: My house has already been totally damaged. It’s your turn… Thorn [former Future Forward Party chief Thanatorn]. On a sign held by him: We stand with Thailand. [Refers to Hong Kong political activist … Continue reading
    18 November 2020
    Editorial Cartoons - Thairath - Sia
  • Covering up the truth
    From Thairath, October 21, 2020 Title: Crackdown on the media showing the truth On the water: Restrict media’s freedom; Shut mouth; Threaten the media On reporter’s shirt: Prachathai On microphone: News Protesters: “Ahere!” Get out! Phi Nooring: Victims of the … Continue reading
    16 November 2020
    Editorial Cartoons - Thairath - Sia
  • The Hand of Uncle Sam
    From Naewna, October 20, 2020 Caption: The protest without a leader…? [Refers to the current student protests calling on PM Prayuth to resign, revise the constitution and reform the monarchy. After police arrested the protest leaders, the protesters claimed that … Continue reading
    15 November 2020
  • Reform French Style
    From Manager, October 22, 2020 Piyabutr: It’s time to reform the monarchy system!!! Caption: Robespierre starts attacking. [Refers to former Future Forward Party executive, Piyabutr, who quoted a speech of Maximilien Robespierre, one of the leaders in the French Revolution. … Continue reading
    13 November 2020
    Editorial Cartoons - Manager
  • Remembering Sanpsiri Viryasiri
    From Arun, October 17, 2020 Title: Sanpsiri Viryasiri. Thailand’s TV pioneer and first TV announcer [This is a tribute to Thailand’s early TV announcer Sanpsiri Viryasiri who died on Oct 15, 2012. He was known, among other things, for his … Continue reading
    12 November 2020
    Editorial Cartoons – Arun