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26 Mar 2015

An 18 year old German female became the latest victim of a bag snatch in Central Pattaya early on Thursday Morning.

Police were called to Soi Paniachang 5 off the Central Pattaya Road and met with Miss Franziska Sahick who informed Police that she was walking back to her rented apartment from a 24 hour convenience store when two men on a motorbike drove-up beside her and the passenger snatched her shoulder bag.

Inside the stolen bag was an IPad, some money and the victim’s mobile phone. Miss Sahick, who works as a Volunteer at the Redemptorist Foundation for People with Disabilities, accompanied officers to Pattaya Police Station where a full report of the incident was made, which included vague descriptions of the men and their motorbike.

Police noted that 3 bag snatches in the space of 2 hours were reported to them and they are sure that the same men are responsible for each of them. Officers are urgently attempting to locate and arrest them before they strike again.

26 Mar 2015

In the early hours of Thursday the body of a 31 year old Cambodian construction worker was found in undergrowth close to a construction site which was raided by officials less than 10 days ago due to constant fighting between workers.

Police were initially called to the site in Soi 4 off the Sukhumvit Road in Na-Jomtien, operated by the Vorakit Construction Company, and found that three Cambodians had been seriously injured in a fight involving 10 Cambodians, which was reportedly over recent flooding damage inside the temporary housing block for workers.

Planks of wood were used by some of the men during the fight and Police found one man, Mr. Mar aged 22, hiding in bushes nearby. He was arrested for assault and taken to the Police Station.

Some hours later the case took a deadly turn when the body of a 31 year old Cambodian Worker at the site, Mr. Wan, was found in a ditch close to the campsite. There was evidence of a major disturbance and injuries to the victim were consistent with being repeatedly struck by large and heavy objects.

Police are now investigating the apparent murder and are questioning Mr. Mar to see if he was involved in the deadly attack.

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24 Mar 2015

On Tuesday afternoon, Pattaya Police announced the arrest of two Russians accused of possessing bank cards containing stolen bank account information to purchase items in Pattaya.

The case began with a call placed to the Transnational Crime Suppression Unit based at Pattaya Police Station by Kasikornbank who had just processed two transactions with the cards. One was used to purchase items at a Shopping Center on Pattaya Beach and the second transaction was in the process of being made at a Travel Shop in Soi 13 off Pattaya Beach Road where someone was trying to purchase air tickets to Dubai.

Police rushed to the shop and arrested Mr. Temur Rustamov aged 35 who was found to be in possession of a number of cards which were suspected of containing stolen bank account details.

Mr. Rustamov was more than happy to tell Police that he had an accomplice who was residing at a rented apartment in Soi 10 off the South Pattaya Road. Officers went to the second location and arrested Mr. Evgeny Titov aged 27. Inside the room was a Laptop computer and skimming devices and Police seized a total of 79 cards from both men.

The suspects were taken to Pattaya Police Station and charged with bank card fraud offences and currently await trial.

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24 Mar 2015

Immigration Police arrested a 34 year old Russian wanted on an International Arrest Warrant concerning a case of Welfare Fraud worth an estimated 100 Million Baht from 2014.

Police Colonel Prapansak, the Superintendent of Chonburi Immigration announced the arrest of Mr. Igor Batalov who is the subject of an International Arrest Warrant number 2014/65545-1 and is wanted by the Russian Authorities in connection with a case dating back to October 2014.

Mr. Batalov is accused of embezzlement of funds totaling the equivalent of 100 Million Baht in relation to Welfare Payments and was arrested at an apartment located at the Atlantis Condo Resort off Jomtien Second Road on Tuesday morning.

Immigration confirmed Mr. Batalov was residing in Thailand on an Education Visa which has now been cancelled. He will be deported to Russia at the earliest opportunity.

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24 Mar 2015

In the early hours of Tuesday, a Dane and a German became victims of pickpockets operating on Baht Buses in the South Pattaya area.

Mr. Torben Fries aged 49 from Denmark was the first to arrive at Pattaya Police Station where he complained of losing 15,000 Baht from his trouser pocket and claimed a Thai Lady sat next to him had removed money from his trouser pocket initially without his knowledge.

Minutes later a German, Mr. Bruno Rummer aged 50, arrived at Pattaya Police Station and made a similar complaint. He lost a Samsung Galaxy Smart Phone.

Both were travelling on the route which begins at the Traffic Light Junction on Pattaya Second Road and South Pattaya Road, close to the Chaimongkol Temple and travels to the Central Pattaya Road junction.

The men were shown pictures of pickpockets previously arrested by Pattaya Police and both identified one of the former detainees as the person responsible for the theft of the items.

Police will now attempt to locate and arrest the woman, who remains at large for now.

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23 Mar 2015

Pattaya Police have shut-down an International Marijuana Mail-Order business allegedly run by 3 Russians.

On Monday Morning at Chonburi Police Headquarters, Police Major General Nittipong, the Provincial Police Commander held a press conference and confirmed the arrest of 3 Russians and 2 Thai females, in connection with the drug distribution network.

Police were first alerted to a problem when the Thai Postal Service intercepted a number of packages destined for Russia, at the Airport in Bangkok. The parcels originated from Pattaya and were packed full of Marijuana, a class 5 drug in Thailand.

Pattaya Police took over the investigation and arrested two Russians, Mr. Georgy Nyushkov aged 28 and Mr. Aleksei Druzhinin aged 30 in South Pattaya. Police escorted the men to their rented apartment in Soi Bongkot where a third man, Mr. Aleksei Samokhin aged 26, was arrested. A search of the apartment uncovered 17kg of Marijuana, 2 Marijuana plants, Marijuana seeds and items commonly used to grow the plants. Postal Boxes, weighing scales and other items were taken into evidence.

Police then arrested suspected drug dealers further up the distribution chain and began with the Russians supplier, Khun Gaewjai aged 43, in Soi Nong HIn in East Pattaya. She was also caught with 3kgs of Marijuana. Her supplier was then arrested, Khun Ganokwan aged 28, in Soi Batman in South Pattaya and was also found with 2kgs of the class 5 drug. Her supplier, a man based in Nong Kai Province, in the North-East of Thailand is currently being located.

The Russian suspects claimed they paid 20,000 Baht per 1kg bag of Marijuana to Khun Gaewjai and decided to begin cultivation to reduce their costs, even though their mail-order business in Russia was profitable.

All suspects have been charged with serious drug dealing offences and await further legal proceedings.

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23 Mar 2015

On Monday afternoon a Security Guard working at a village of high-end homes in East Pattaya, was arrested after he is alleged to have indecently assaulted a 50 year old British woman, who rents a house in the village.

Police were called to the Siam Lake View Estate at the Maprachan Reservoir area in East Pattaya just before 5.30pm and met with the Thai owner of the house, Khun Orawan, who was contacted by the victim who requested assistance after the alleged assault.

She confirmed the 50 year old woman had rented her house for 1 month and it was claimed the Guard, who is suspected of being drunk, entered the house through the unlocked front gate, and approached the British woman and began to hug her and touch her in intimate areas of her body.

Neighbors were alerted by her screams and the Guard retreated to his post at the front of the village. When Police arrived, the guard, Khun Lar aged 39, revealed how he had admired the woman since she arrived at the village but was too shy to approach her. Because of his intoxicated state his inhibitions disappeared and he decided to make the unwanted advance.

Police later charged the Guard with indecent assault and the case will now go to Court.

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23 Mar 2015

Police and medics were called to a rented apartment located above a popular Italian Restaurant in South Pattaya on Monday afternoon, to investigate the death of a 64 year old Italian in a 4th floor room.

Lying on the bed in the room was the body of Mr. Giuseppe Rossini, who had been staying above the Little Italy Restaurant for some time.

Staff at the Restaurant told Police that on Sunday Night he was seen to take a woman to his room and on the table next to the bed was a used packet of Sex Enhancement Pills.

According to a friend Mr. Rossini was suffering from a Heart condition which leads Police to an initial theory that he may have died due the consumption of the tablets.

A post-mortem examination will take place and the Italian Embassy in Bangkok have been made aware of the death.

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23 Mar 2015

Police were called to a Minimart located in the Takiendier area in North Pattaya in the early hours of Tuesday following the discovery of the body of the store owner who is suspected of being murdered.

Local residents noticed that the victim’s car was missing and there was evidence of ransacking at the rear of the store where Khun Apichayar aged 60 was living.

Forensic Police were called to the scene and estimated she had been dead for approximately 3 days. Residents were alerted by a foul odor coming from the store. Initially they were not concerned that the shop was closed as she would usually go to Bangkok at the weekends and only open on weekdays.

An inspection of the body indicated she died due to strangulation caused by a piece of cable tied tightly around her neck. Her Toyota Vios was missing and is presumed stolen along with other items of value inside the store.

The shop is covered by CCTV which is currently being examined by Investigators and a crucial piece of evidence, an abandoned basket of dirty men’s clothes, found in front of the store, has been taken into evidence.

Evidence of a struggle prior to the victim’s death was noted by Police who are searching for the attacker at this time.

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23 Mar 2015

A cable technician aged 49, mysteriously died in front of a commercial building in the Naklua area on Monday morning.

Police and medics were called to the location by local residents who found the man collapsed and not breathing. Moments before he was installing TV cable at the newly constructed building.

Co-workers and residents heard a loud thud and saw that the man, Khun Sira, had collapsed and appeared to have passed away.

Police will wait for the results of a post-mortem examination but suspect he died from an acute medical problem, possibly a heart attack.

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