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Chinese gangsters arrested in Bangkok for fake gold scam

26. April 2023

Six Chinese men accused of duping wealthy Thai-Chinese in Chinatown into buying fake gold worth... Les mer >>>

Beauty contestant, others charged with abduction, ransom of Chinese man in Bangkok

18. April 2023

The abduction was allegedly plotted by the former girlfriend and her Thai boyfriend, who had... Les mer >>>

The cuisine of Thailand

07. April 2023

The Land of Smiles has five flavors in its cuisine. In addition to the four main flavors, spicy, sweet, sour and salty, there is also the creamy flavor, all of which can be perceived in the same dish. Les mer >>>

TAT launches ‘Amazing Thailand NFTs Season 2’

04. April 2023

Thai tourists and foreign expats can collect Digital Art NFTs via the YAKS application at 20 attractions across Thailand’s five regions and unlock privileges for travel. Les mer >>>

Thai police believe suspects in murder of Chinese student have fled to China

02. April 2023

Thai police believe that at least three men of Chinese nationality were involved in the... Les mer >>>

MP Investigated for Playing Card Games in Parliament Building

04. March 2023

BANGKOK (NNT) – An investigation is set to be launched into a Member of Parliament... Les mer >>>

10 must-see places to visit in Thailand

19. February 2023

There are many must-see places to visit in Thailand, a perfect country to have a first contact with what is considered the backpacker's paradise; Southeast Asia. Les mer >>>